Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2105

Chapter 2105 The Scheme

“What are you babbling about?” Francesca could not wrap her head around his words. “I understand if you revealed my true identity, as the king wouldn’t believe you if I were an ordinary doctor. But why did you bring up my relationship with Danrique?”

“I didn’t plan on mentioning it at first. But when His Majesty learned that you were Francesco, the miracle doctor, he insisted on seeing you. He wanted you to personally describe how you tested the poison and to show evidence of it. At the same time, he planned to send experts from the palace to validate your work…

“I remembered that before your arrival, His Highness had instructed me not to get you involved in politics no matter what. He said that you didn’t like socializing or showing yourself in public, let alone mingling with the royal and political circles of the nation.

“So, in a moment of desperation, I mentioned you were Danrique’s fiancée, hoping that His Majesty would change his mind. That way, he would show you more respect, or at the very least, not put you in a difficult spot by validating your work.”

After relating what happened in a single breath, the weakened Robin took a deep breath and continued, “Just as expected, His Majesty’s attitude toward you changed the moment he heard that you were Mr. Lindberg’s fiancée. Although he still wants to see you, it’s from the perspective of a guest instead of trying to interrogate you. Back then, I thought I had done the right thing, but I didn’t expect that…”

Robin sighed.

At that moment, Francesca finally understood. “That Danrique would announce his engagement to Hazel, causing the king to think that William and you were lying. That’s why that old man invited William and me to the palace.”

“That’s right.” Robin let out another deep sigh. “I didn’t expect it too. And now, I’m afraid His Majesty will not only not investigate the matter about the poisoning but also hold His Highness and me accountable for lying.”

Pausing briefly, Robin asked cautiously, “Ms. Felch, what in the world is going on? What happened between you and Mr. Lindberg?”

Instead of replying, Francesca dropped her medical kit and turned around to pursue William.

“Ms. Felch, Ms. Felch!”

Despite his shouts, Robin failed to stop her. As he watched Francesca’s running silhouette disappear, the look in his eyes quickly changed.

He knew that they were currently put at a disadvantage. Nevertheless, they still had a chance of turning things around if Francesca were to side with them.

Francesca wanted to reach the car before it left so that she could travel to the palace together with William.

Amidst William’s shock, Silas invited her into the car.

Once they were on the road, William asked, “Francesca, what’s going on? Didn’t we agree that I’ll deal with it alone? Why did you change your mind and come along?”

“I can’t allow you to face this alone.” Francesca was resolute. “Since I’m the one who detected the poison, I’m ready to answer the king if that’s what he wants. It’s better to clarify the matter in person than to have the old man asking for me continuously.”

Silas cleared his throat at the sound of Francesca’s words. “Ms. Felch, please don’t speak this way to His Majesty at the palace.”

“How, then, should I speak?” Francesca retorted. “I’m not a criminal. Why should I lower myself in front of him?”


“All right, all right.” William quickly defused the situation. “Mr. Faulkner, even though Francesca is headstrong, she’s still someone well-mannered and respects the elderly. His Majesty is my grandfather. She knows what’s appropriate.”

Having heard William’s response, Silas didn’t say anything further.

After all, it was a smart comment that not only defended Francesca but also eased the tension in the air.

Francesca, too, kept mum. Looking out the window with Danrique in her thoughts, she felt the knot in her heart. All she wanted to do was to resolve the matter at hand so that she could fly to Xendale and confront Danrique about the truth.

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