Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2103

Chapter 2103 How Ruthless

“She probably does,” William answered in a grim tone. “It was just last night that Danrique broke up with her, and this morning, he has already announced his engagement to Hazel. Everything is happening too fast!”

“Really?” Robin was filled with doubt. “I thought Mr. Lindberg has deep feelings for Ms. Felch. He did so much for her previously, so why would he break up with her all of a sudden? Besides, if he really likes Hazel, they would have already gotten together from the very beginning. Why did he only agree to it now? Considering his character, is his hand being forced by the circumstances? What’s really going on?”

“I’m afraid he’s trying to corner me.” William’s brows furrowed. “It’s obvious to him that I’m using his name to achieve my goals. That’s why he has struck back at me this way. To be honest, I can’t deny how ruthless his methods are!”

“I don’t think he would go that far.” Robin still found it unbelievable. “If Danrique noticed something, he could’ve used some other way to stop us. There’s no need to sacrifice his relationship with Ms. Felch, and to even marry Hazel? He doesn’t strike me as someone whose decisions are driven by his emotions.”

“I still don’t know what he has hidden up his sleeve, but it’s certainly directed at me.” William’s brows were still tightly knitted. “I have underestimated his decisiveness by assuming that I could strike before he realized it. I was hoping to just apologize once the matter was resolved. It never crossed my mind that he was one step ahead of me—he was already investigating me when Francesca was in Danontand and had formulated his countermeasures. And now, his plan has taken me by surprise.”

“Danrique is such a ruthless man,” Robin commented with a frown. “All we did was just borrow his influence, nothing more, but he counterattacks as if he’s going to kill us!”

“He wouldn’t be Danrique if he wasn’t ruthless.” William let out a sigh. “Besides, I was the one who offended him first, so I can’t complain about him striking back at me.”

“What should we do now?” Robin looked at him anxiously. “After putting in so much effort and with victory within our grasp, we can’t just give up now, can we?”

“I’m working on it,” William responded with a grave expression. “Do you remember what I told you in the morning?”

“I do.” Robin nodded repeatedly. “Don’t worry. I know what to say. As for Ms. Felch—”

Before Robin could finish, a frantic knock was heard at the door. “Your Highness, Your Highness, Mr. Faulkner is here.”

Stunned by the news, Robin gave William a nervous look. “Why is Silas here now?”

“His Majesty has probably sent him after reading the news.” William’s expression changed. “Danrique’s move is a truly decisive one. Just when we were cruising toward victory, his sudden maneuver derailed our plan.”

“Exactly…” Robin was filled with anxiety. “According to the original plan, His Majesty is due to visit our castle to investigate the water source and arrest the ones responsible. Unfortunately, our plan—previously on track—has now been thrown into disarray in a single day. Say, do you think His Majesty will change his mind about pursuing the matter?”

“He will not only let the poisoning incident slide but also start to doubt our intentions.” William’s eyes narrowed. “In fact, he’ll begin to suspect that I framed those people and faked Francesca’s relationship with Danrique just to leverage Danrique’s name for my own objectives.”

“Are you sure?” Robin’s eyes widened in disbelief. “If that’s true, wouldn’t our plan be—”

“There wouldn’t be much of a plan left,” William interrupted him. “I should be counting my blessings if he didn’t charge me with lying and scheming.”

“What should we do now?” Robin was stricken by panic.

“The only thing we can do now is to hope.” William furrowed his brows. “We have to hope that Danrique and Francesca’s bond isn’t strong enough to withstand this.”

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