Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2102

Chapter 2102 The Plan Has Been Disrupted

After waking up and putting on her clothes, Francesca walked over and opened the door. “Good morning, William!” “Francesca, did I wake you?” William looked at her with a conflicted expression.

“No, I was already awake.” Francesca noticed the paleness on William’s face and the fact that his eyes were bloodshot. “Did you not sleep the entire night?”

“I was worried about Robin, so I had been staying by his side,” William replied with a smile. “He woke up at six and looks a lot better. He’s having his breakfast now.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’ll go over later.” Francesca yawned. “I’m going to shower first.”

“Francesca,” William called out to her. “Hmm?” She turned her head around to look at him. “Are… you all right?” William’s eyes were filled with concern.

“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” Francesca chuckled. “All right now, I’m going to wash up.”

With that, she closed the door. Left alone in the room, she wiped the smile off her face, then anxiously took out her phone to check the news.

Just as expected, the announcement of Danrique’s engagement to Hazel filled the headlines. Almost every media outlet was publicizing the matter.

Tagged to the headline was a loving picture. In it, Danrique was sharply dressed in a black suit. As he stood in the shadows, the play of light accentuated the mystery of his chiseled features.

As for Hazel, she was wearing a white gown with a mermaid tail that highlighted her sensuous figure, and the white veil draped over her low-hung ponytail brought out the elegant aura within her.

Despite the simplicity of the picture, it very much resembled a wedding photo.

In addition, Hazel was flashing a blissful smile in the picture. Although Danrique’s expression was hidden in the shadows, the contrast between one’s warmth and the other’s frostiness made them look like the perfect couple.

At the sight of the picture and the writeups that described how loving those two were, Francesca could feel rage being ignited within her.

As the pictures from the previous incident were taken without permission, she still believed that it was nothing but gossip. However, she somehow felt that this time was different.

They seem to be posing deliberately in the photo. Also, compared to the previous incident where only certain media outlets reported the news, every major outlet is doing so this time. Even the official spokesperson of Erihal shared the news. From the looks of it, Danrique is serious this time.

Francesca then remembered Monica’s words from before. If a man proposes to break up suddenly, it must be because there’s someone else. It looks like Monica is right. Danrique must have broken up with me because he got together with Hazel. And yet, I foolishly believed that he was forcing me to go see him. How deluded can I be? It now turns out that his heart has been stolen by someone else. He clearly dumped me to marry Hazel.

The more Francesca thought about it, the more emotional she became. She even felt the urge to fly to Xendale and confront Danrique about it.

No, what’s the point of asking? I should just shoot him in the head!

Meanwhile, at the clinic downstairs, William—with an increasingly grim expression—was still reading the news.

“What’s wrong?”

Robin, who had just taken his medication, dismissed everyone else when he noticed the change in William’s expression.

After the medical staff and subordinates left, only the two of them remained in the room.

“Danrique has announced his engagement to Hazel,” William revealed in a deep voice. “It’s all over the news now.”

“What?” Robin’s eyes widened in shock. “Does that mean Ms. Felch is no longer Mr. Lindberg’s fiancée? In that case, wouldn’t our plan be—”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by the look in William’s eye. Peering out the window warily, he lowered his voice and asked, “Does Ms. Felch know about this?”

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