Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2101

Chapter 2101 Engaged

Francesca recalled the moments she shared with Danrique. She was certain he was not someone who would easily suggest a breakup.

Thus, she reckoned he was just trying to goad her into going to Xendale because he missed her too much.

Francesca felt a little guilty at that thought. She decided to meet up with Danrique as soon as possible after she dealt with the matters on William’s end.

Her mood brightened up after she made that decision. Subsequently, she switched off the lights and drifted into a slumber.

“Ms. Felch just turned off the lights,” a maid reported to William at the clinic downstairs.

William uttered hoarsely, “She’s only going to sleep at four in the morning. It seems like she’s in distress.”

The maid added in an undertone, “Ms. Felch seemed to be talking on the phone just now, and she sounded agitated. She was conversing in Ustranasion earlier.”

William nodded. “Okay. All right. You should go and rest now.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The maid bowed and left the room.

William leaned against the couch while pensively gazing out of the window.

After a while, his phone finally vibrated. He hastily answered the call. “How was it?”

“Ms. Felch asked me about matters related to a breakup,” Monica reported.


“That’s right. She inquired about the possible reason for a man’s sudden request to break up with a woman.”

Monica recounted her conversation with Francesca in detail to William.

William furrowed his brows after listening to Monica’s account. “Francesca said L broke up with her?”

“Ms. Felch did not specify anyone’s name. Instead, she told me she was describing a scene from a television show, but it was obvious that she was talking about her relationship with Mr. Lindberg.”

“Okay. I got it. Thank you.”

“Your Highness, I have you to thank for my current achievements. Please feel free to let me know should you require my assistance.”

“I will seek your help one day.”

“I’m willing to do anything for you, Your Highness.”

After hanging up the call, William looked at Robin, who was lying in bed, and muttered, “Why did L suddenly express his wish to break up with Francesca? What is he trying to do?”

Then, William widened his eyes in astonishment as a thought popped into his mind. “Don’t tell me…”

Early the next morning, Francesca checked her phone right after she woke up.

She was crestfallen when she noticed Danrique didn’t call or send her any message.

It seems like he’s determined to force me to go to Xendale. He may not take the initiative to contact me if I do not go. Still, the situation here on William’s end is grave. I cannot just abandon my obligations here.

Just as her head began to hurt, her phone suddenly rang. She promptly picked up the device and was utterly dispirited to see Anthony’s name on the caller ID instead of Danrique’s.

Francesca answered the call in annoyance, “Hello.”

“Did you see the news, Francesca?” Anthony anxiously asked.

“What news?” She rubbed her eyes.

“Danrique is getting engaged. You need to hurry up and check out the news,” he said at once.

“What?” Francesca was momentarily dazed before she added with delight, “Did he say all those things yesterday to force me into marrying him?”

Having just woken up, she thought Danrique was getting engaged with her.

Anthony grew impatient. “What are you talking about? Do you know Danrique is getting engaged with Hazel?”

“What?” All traces of Francesca’s sleepiness vanished instantaneously as she shot upright on her bed. “With Hazel?”

Anthony said, “Take a look at the news yourself. Francesca, did you quarrel with Danrique? Why is he suddenly getting engaged to another woman? How long do you plan to stay in Danontand? The two of you should meet up as soon as possible and have a proper discussion.”


Someone knocked on the door just as she was about to speak. The next second, William’s voice sounded, “Are you awake, Francesca?”

“Just a moment,” Francesca replied. Then, she said to Anthony, “Anthony, I’ll talk to you later. William is looking for me.”

With that, she hung up the phone.

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