Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2100

Chapter 2100 Provoke

That night, Francesca lay on the bed, repeatedly tossing and turning in her bed, unable to fall asleep. She could not fathom Danrique’s sudden request to break up with her.

He had always accepted and tolerated me whenever I did as I pleased in the past, so why can’t he put up with me now? Is he falling for someone else, or did he misunderstand my relationship with William?

Francesca’s thoughts were a tangled mess. She wanted to clarify that matter with Danrique, but her calls would not connect. In the end, she tried sending him a message: B*stard, you better explain further. What did I do wrong? Why are you breaking up with me?”

However, after typing that message, she changed her mind. Thus, she immediately deleted and amended the last part of the text: Fine. If a breakup is what you want, then so be it. I hope you’ll be happy!

She sent the message afterward but regretted it instantaneously.

Francesca hurriedly tapped on her screen to recall the message, but that function was unavailable for short message service.

She covered her forehead in frustration, despising herself for putting on a tough front.

However, it was too late for her to take back her words or say anything to justify her statement now.

Discomfort churned within Francesca’s chest as she was at a complete loss. If Layla had been there, Francesca could have discussed that matter with her, but now, there was no one around to talk to her.

Francesca was losing her composure in the face of a problem she was utterly inexperienced in handling.

At that moment, her phone rang. Assuming that it was Danrique calling, Francesca hurriedly picked up the call. “Hello!”

“Ms. Felch, it’s me, Monica.”

“Oh. It’s you.” Francesca was slightly disappointed.

“I heard you’re in Danontand. Coincidentally, I’m in the country too. Please let me know if you need my assistance.”

“Okay. Thank you,” Francesca replied halfheartedly.

“What happened to you? Why do you sound a little upset? Am I interrupting you?” Monica asked concernedly.

“No…” Francesca yearned to express her feelings and doubts at that moment, so she could not help but ask, “Monica, I have a question for you.”

“Please, go on,” Monica swiftly responded.

“If a man suddenly suggested breaking up with a woman. What could be the reason?”

“Is there any conflict between the two people, or perhaps a misunderstanding?”

“There is a minor conflict, but not something very significant. There’s also a slight misunderstanding, but that man would not listen to the girl’s explanation. He demanded a breakup without communicating with her properly. And now, the girl is baffled.”

“If that man suddenly wanted a breakup, perhaps he already has another option.”

Francesca panicked after hearing that. “What? Do you mean he’s seeing another woman?”

“If there is no major conflict between the couple, that may be a probable reason. Why else would he request for a breakup?” Monica questioned Francesca.

Francesca was immediately reminded of Hazel upon listening to those words. She recalled the previous ambiguous interaction between Danrique and Hazel, not to mention how he had never explained that matter to her.

Anger surged within Francesca at once as she felt she was being cheated.

Monica uttered tactfully, “This is just my speculation. I suppose only the people concerned would know what has actually happened. Why are you asking this all of a sudden, Ms. Felch? Are you referring to yourself—”

“No. I saw this scene from a television show.” Francesca quickly switched the topic of conversation. “It’s getting late, Monica. You should rest earlier.”

“All right. Goodnight.”

Francesca remained furious after hanging up the phone. She wanted to contact Danrique and demand an explanation from him, but her pride would not allow her to do so.

She texted him earlier and he did not reply either.

Perhaps he has already decided to ignore me and draw the line between us so that he can be together with Hazel.

Francesca’s wrath intensified as she dwelled further on that matter. She wanted to fly to Xendale immediately, seize Danrique, and interrogate him before tearing him apart.

But I can’t leave now… Hold on.

Francesca thought of a possibility. Is Danrique deliberately provoking me so that I will go to Xendale to look for him?

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