Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2099

Chapter 2099 Break Up

“That’s great.” William let out a long sigh. “Robin risked his life to meet His Majesty for my sake. If something bad happens to him, I’ll never forgive myself.” “He’s fine. Stop blaming yourself.” Francesca patted his shoulder. “Go and rest earlier. Now—”

The phone in her pocket vibrated before she could finish the rest of her sentence. She quickly answered the call and walked away. “Hello. Do you finally remember me? I thought you were dead.”

Listening to the tone of her voice, William immediately figured out the identity of the person on the other end of the call. When he saw Francesca walking away in a hurry, the lights in his eyes dimmed.

Francesca hastened upstairs while holding the phone, growling, “Why didn’t you pick up the phone when I called you earlier?”

Danrique asked, “Why are you calling me when you already went all the way to Danontand to take care of another man? I told you to come to Xendale, but you were reluctant. The next moment, you traveled to Danontand. I do wonder who is actually your boyfriend?”

“I came to Danontand to treat a disease. This is my professional obligation—”

“All right, then. I’m sick too. I want you to come over at once to treat my illness,” Danrique interrupted her.

“What happened to you?” she hastily asked.

“What do you think?” Danrique’s tone softened a little after sensing that she still cared about him.

Only then did Francesca realize he was deliberately teasing her. “You’re crazy. Why are you pretending to be sick when you’re fine? William is really ill at the moment—”

Danrique was at the limit of his patience. “William, William, William. All you care about is William!”

“No. That’s not—”

“Just be with him if you like him so much. Goodbye!” Danrique did not wish to listen to any more of her explanations.

“What do you mean, Danrique?” Francesca snapped at once.

“You don’t understand what I’m saying? You have your medical-related goals to realize, children at the orphanage to take care of, and so many other male friends. Since I mean nothing to you, we should just break up.”

“What did you say?” She thought she had misheard him.

“Am I not making myself clear?” Danrique repeated his words and enunciated, “I said we should break up! I wish you all the happiness in the world, Francesca. Goodbye!”

“D*mn you—”

The call ended just as she was about to speak.

Silence ensued after the beeping sound ended.

Francesca held her phone and stood rooted to the spot in a daze.

What’s going on? Are my ears playing tricks on me, or did I remember wrongly? Did Danrique say he wants to break up with me? No. This is impossible. From the beginning, he has been pursuing me, scheming to marry me, and trying his best to stay by my side. No matter the tantrum I threw or how unreasonable I behaved, he had always tolerated me. But now… he’s breaking up with me?

Francesca’s hands shook in agitation. She anxiously dialed Danrique’s phone number, but no one picked up after the phone rang for some time.

She called again, and this time, the call was cut off.

Francesca noticed the line was busy when she attempted to contact him again.

Evidently, he had blocked her number.

She was dumbfounded as her mind became utterly chaotic.

Why is this happening? No matter my outburst or conniption in the past, Danrique has never mentioned breaking up with me, regardless of how angry he might be. But this time… I did not do anything wrong, right? I came to Danontand to give treatment to these patients, so why is he so furious? Also, I wanted to discuss this matter with him that day, but he went to meet Hazel without informing me, so I did not talk to him about this because I was displeased. It is not as if I committed a terrible sin. I don’t understand why he is breaking up with me.

Pandemonium reigned in Francesca’s mind as she slumped into the couch with her hand still wrapped around her phone.

She had always been arrogant and confident, but at that moment, she was devastated and at a complete loss following the unexpected turns of events.

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