Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2098

Chapter 2098 Awake

Now that she thought about it, they had not contacted one another for two days. They did not speak to each other since the night before she arrived at Danontand until that moment.

Francesca took the initiative to call him, but he did not pick up the phone. She did not know if he was mad at her or if there were other reasons. Anyway, she felt ill at ease.

After contemplating briefly, she dialed Sean’s number. The call finally connected after a long while. “Ms. Felch!” “Where’s Danrique?”

Francesca heard the sound of music and the voices of people engaged in conversations. It seemed to her Danrique was not busy, nor was he angry at her. He appeared to be enjoying his life.

“There’s a banquet tonight. Mr. Lindberg is speaking to Mr. President and…” Sean gazed at Danrique, who was chatting with the president and the president’s daughter, and chose his words wisely to avoid raising an unnecessary conflict. “And a few of his old acquaintances.”

“Ask him to return my call when he’s done with his work.”

Despite feeling slightly jittery, Francesca understood Danrique’s need to socialize at times. “All right, Ms. Felch. I’ll be sure to relay your message to Mr. Lindberg.”

Francesca went to prepare the medications after hanging up the call. Everyone inside the castle had been poisoned except for her, not to mention the casualties. As a doctor, she had to carry out her responsibilities.

William stayed beside Robin inside the clinic the entire time. His subordinates and maids were touched by his thoughtfulness. One of them could not help but say, “Your Highness, you’re so kind to us. You’re risking your life to weather this predicament with us!”

“You all stayed loyal to me and did not abandon me. Naturally, I have to be responsible and see to your survival. Don’t worry. I will not allow anyone to be harmed as long as I’m here,” William uttered earnestly.

“Your Highness…” A few female maids started crying because William’s compassion moved them.

“Your Highness, Mr. Robin is awake!” one of the subordinates exclaimed.

“That’s great.” William immediately pushed his wheelchair forward.

“Your Highness, should we call Ms. Felch over?”

“That’s not needed. Francesca has been busy the whole day, so let her get some rest. Since Robin has woken up, that means he’s fine.”

“Yes.” The subordinates fell silent and retreated aside.

A maid hurriedly prepared a bucket of warm water to wipe Robin’s body while a medical staff fed him some water.

After some time, Robin gradually came to his senses. He opened his eyes and looked weakly at William.

“I’m glad that you’re fine.” William patted the back of Robin’s hand in gratification.

Robin opened his mouth and spoke in a hoarse and diminished voice. “Your Highness. I finally lived up to your expectation—”

William interjected Robin, “You’ve worked hard.” Then, he said to his subordinates and maids, “You all can leave now.”

“Yes.” They backed out of the room afterward.

William and Robin were left inside the room alone.

William picked up a hot towel and wiped Robin’s hand. He then leaned forward and said in an undertone, “Robin, rest well and speak less.”

Robin was slightly taken aback before nodding slightly to indicate he understood William’s intention.

“Go ahead and sleep. I’ll stay here to keep you company.” William sat beside Robin and smiled at the latter. “Get well soon. Your presence is necessary to keep this vast castle running.”

“Thank you, Your Highness…”

Robin was touched.

William sat beside Robin quietly. As the latter fell asleep, the tenderness in William’s eyes gradually dissipated too.

He was well aware that someone in a weakened state would have a fuzzy mind, so they would not be able to think properly before saying anything. Therefore, he must not allow Robin to let slip any information at that moment.

Francesca is so smart. What if she senses something is off after listening to Robin’s words?

Knock! Knock!

At that instant, someone knocked on the door. Without waiting for William’s response, Francesca pushed the door open and entered. “I heard Robin is awake? I’m here to check on him.”

“He woke up a few moments ago but dozed off again.” William beamed at her. “You should rest properly after working the whole day.”

“I need to carry out my duties as a doctor.” She stepped forward to examine Robin. “His condition is stable. He should be able to regain consciousness tomorrow morning.”

“That’s great.”

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