Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2095

Chapter 2095 Coward

After more than an hour’s worth of emergency rescue, Robin was no longer in danger. Francesca took off her gloves and commanded the medical staff, “Keep an eye on him. Call me immediately if there are any changes.”

“Yes, Dr. Felch.” When she stepped out of the clinic, she immediately came face to face with a solemn William. Furious, she complained, “Those people are outrageous! How dare they hurt someone in the open? And in broad daylight?”

William lowered his head in silence. “Was the driver of the car one of your employees?” asked Francesca. “Silas’. Not mine.” William’s deep voice sounded as he parted his lips. “They were attacked on the way back.”

“Does that mean Robin managed to get to the palace and report everything to His Majesty?” inquired Francesca.

“Mm-hmm.” William nodded. “When you were saving Robin, the driver had reported the situation to me. Robin left the palace after sunrise. On the way back, he was shot. Good thing the driver’s driving skills were impeccable, if not…”

He paused and let out another deep sigh as guilt weighed on his chest. “I’m so useless. As a prince, I can’t even protect the people around me.”

“Since they are this ruthless, you should stop playing nice!” Francesca was indignant. “Those people are positively abominable!”

William once again fell silent. A solemn look was written all over his face.

“William, did you hear what I said?” Francesca was beginning to feel exasperated. “Those people have already bullied you to this extent. Can you grow a backbone?”

“Francesca…” William finally raised his head and spoke softly. “Go pack your things. I’ll ask someone to send you to the airport.”

“What?” Francesca was beyond confused.

“I can’t get you involved.” William took a deep breath. “You’re right, they’ve gone too far. If I still don’t retaliate, all eighty or more people in this castle will suffer. I can’t sit by and do nothing anymore. I must fight back. But before that, I need to send you away—”

“What are you talking about?” Francesca was speechless. “Robin is still unconscious from his injuries. The poison in all of you has yet to be eliminated. The treatment for your legs hasn’t even commenced yet. How can I leave at a time like this?”


“Shut up!” Francesca immediately cut William off, displeased. “Can you stop nagging? I’m already here, and I’m already in the middle of this mess. You’re planning to send me away now? Those people would have already known my identity. They will also know that I’m the one who found out that the water sources have been poisoned. Do you think they’ll let me off the hook? They would most likely still go after me and my life. I might as well take them on here and now.”

“It’s all my fault. I dragged you into this.” William was extremely guilty. “If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have let you come here.”

“Stop talking nonsense,” Francesca snapped. “The priority right now is to settle the matter.”

“You’re right.” William nodded. “I have already sent a text to His Majesty. He should contact me once he’s done with his work. But, Francesca, are you sure you don’t want to leave? I don’t want you to be involved in all the confrontation.”

Francesca sneered. “I’m not afraid to be involved. In fact, I can’t wait to meet those people. I want to see who are the people brave enough to act so atrociously.”

William hastily said, “This has nothing to do with you. Don’t get involved in this. You’re just a doctor. Just carry out your responsibilities to the fullest. Don’t worry about other things.”

Just as he finished his sentence, a subordinate came in with a phone in his hand. “Your Highness, His Majesty is calling.”

William immediately took the phone and wheeled himself to the window. “Grandpa… Yes. Robin has returned…”

William was cautious as he spoke on the phone. His tone sounded timid when he conversed with Federico, and he didn’t even dare to tell Federico about the fact that Robin was almost killed.

Francesca was getting increasingly frustrated as she took it all in. He’s such a coward!

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