Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2094

Chapter 2094 Shot

Guilt laced William’s face as he apologized, “I’m extremely sorry, Francesca… You two seem to always fight because of me.”

“That has nothing to do with you. He’s just petty.” Francesca huffed out of irritation. “The two of us are just friends and nothing else. Plus, I’m taking care of you because I’m treating you as a patient with no ulterior motives. Yet, he still doesn’t trust me.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across William’s eyes as he heard what Francesca had said. He was right to think that Francesca had no feelings for him but only viewed him as a patient and a friend.

However, his lips quickly curled upward into a smile. He turned to look at Francesca. “I suppose his emotions just got the best of him. He cares a lot about you, so sometimes, he overreacts.”

Francesca did not respond but merely ate her breakfast. “Francesca…” William looked at her with mixed emotions in his eyes. A hesitant look appeared on his face.

“What is it?” Francesca could tell something was bothering him. “Nothing. Enjoy your breakfast! The shrimp dumplings are not bad today. Give it a taste.” William quickly changed the subject.

Francesca was on edge. “Just spit it out. You’re a grown adult, so act like one.”

“I just wanted to say that… if you’re involved in this incident, there is a possibility that Danrique will be involved too.” William looked concerned. “It’ll be the end if he’s dragged into this as well.”

“What? How would he be involved?” Francesca was lost.

“Once Robin reports that you have detected poison in my castle, His Majesty’s first reaction will be to investigate your background. Even though your identity would be a good credential, it might not be enough to get rid of his bias toward my relatives, unless…”

“Unless they find out I’m Danrique’s fiancée?” Francesca finally understood.

William felt regretful. “I’m worried that Robin would reveal that detail. I had hesitated to report it to His Majesty because I was afraid that it would get you and Danrique involved. I shouldn’t have invited you here.” He sighed.

For a moment, Francesca fell silent and frowned. “It’s no big deal if I’m involved in this situation. After all, I’m a doctor and am here to give you a check-up. Detecting poison can be considered part of my job as well. There wouldn’t be much difference even if my identity is revealed. However, it’s not the best scenario if Danrique is involved. He’s in a difficult position in Erihal. Dangers surround him at every turn. Even though he is capable and calm, I’ve never done anything for him, and I do not wish to bring him more burden just because I’m his fiancée.”

“I understand.” William nodded profusely. “I’m worried too. Let’s just hope Robin did not mention anything about him.”

Francesca’s expression turned solemn. “I hope so too. But even if he does, it’s understandable. After all, this case had affected more than eighty people. Or perhaps, he only mentions Danrique to protect me.”

William nodded in agreement. “Perhaps. If he doesn’t say that you’re Danrique’s fiancée, His Majesty might actually interrogate you. My relatives would probably harm you the first chance they got as well. However, these are all just my speculations. Robin might not mention anything. In fact, he might not even be able to see His Majesty.”

“What? Why?” She was taken aback. Her expression changed drastically as realization dawned on her. “Are you saying that your cousins might target Robin?”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” William’s eyebrows knitted together. “In the letter, he said that he had left at four in the morning. It’s already eight, and there’s still no news from him. I’ve even called Silas but no one picked up. I’m really worried that—”

Just then, the noise of a car engine traveled from outside. Soon, someone rushed in and reported, “Your Highness, Mr. Robin is back.”

“Quick! Bring me there!”

Francesca tagged along beside William. When they reached the entrance, they saw a few men carrying Robin out of a car.

Robin had been shot in the abdomen. Fresh blood covered his entire body as his face was pale. His breath was so weak that it was barely palpable.

Francesca immediately rushed forward to stop his bleeding and ordered people to carry him to the clinic.

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