Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2093

Chapter 2093 Hypocrite

Even though the evidence seemed solid, Francesca still felt something amiss.

However, that was not something she should interfere with. Therefore, she could only suggest to William, “William, you should investigate further. Don’t blame an innocent person.”

“Don’t worry.” William nodded his head before he commanded, “Lock him up for now. We’ll deal with him after we found out the truth.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” One of the subordinates immediately dragged Marc away.

A maid wheeled William out of the basement as well while Francesca followed beside him, thoughts running wild in her mind.

After taking a few steps, she turned around to look at Marc, who was still sobbing and wailing as though he was trying to explain.

As she took note of the scene, she could not help but tell William, “Look at the way he’s crying. He seems genuine. I don’t think he’s the spy.”

“You’re too kind, Ms. Felch. How many people in this world will admit that they’ve done something bad? Everyone will claim to be innocent,” one of William’s subordinates chimed in.

“Don’t worry, Francesca. I’ll ask Robin to investigate further.” On the other hand, William appeared to be a lot more open-minded. “Speaking of Robin, where is he? Why hasn’t he gotten here yet? Someone go and get him, please.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” A man immediately hurried off to find Robin.

William and Francesca chatted lightly as they made their way to the dining room. Just as they sat down, a subordinate rushed toward them to report, “Your Highness, Mr. Robin is missing! There’s a letter on his desk.”

“What?” William immediately accepted the letter and began reading. His face paled instantly in shock. “Robin has taken actions on his own without consulting me.”

“What happened?” Francesca inquired curiously.

“He had gone to the palace in the middle of the night to report the findings last night to His Majesty…” William’s face turned solemn. “I must have been too kind to him! How dare he do something so reckless?”

Francesca said with annoyance, “I don’t think he made a mistake. It has already gotten to this point. Are you still going to sit around and do nothing? At this rate, all eighty or more people in this castle will die along with you!”

“I know that, but…” William frowned. A troubled look appeared on his face. “I don’t want to drag you into this…”

Francesca blinked as she caught on fast.

Indeed, she was the one who had discovered the problem. Even if Robin avoided mentioning her name when reporting the incident, Federico would still obtain the information through interrogation.

If Robin were to convince the king by credentials, her identity would be revealed.

“Even though I don’t want my identity to be revealed, I’m willing to allow that if it means giving you justice,” Francesca stated nonchalantly. “Besides, His Majesty will not publicize such private matters.”

“Indeed, the public would not know about it, but my relatives will.” William’s frown deepened as his voice was filled with worry. “I’m afraid that they will harm you. You staying under my roof right now might protect you from harm for the time being, but they might take revenge on you after all of this. Just like last time. They did not even hesitate to bomb the cruise ship just to prevent you from healing my legs.”

“Well, I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Francesca wasn’t the least bit concerned. “It’s not the first time I have enemies. What’s one more?”


“Things have already come to this point, so stop hesitating. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there,” Francesca comforted William. “Someone is targeting you. You can’t keep tolerating them. I know you’re gentle and kind, but you need to protect yourself and the people around you!”

“You’re right…” William was touched and grateful at the same time. “Thank you, Francesca!”

“We’re friends, aren’t we? You’ve been kind to me too.” Francesca flashed him a smile. “All right, that’s enough. Let’s have breakfast. I’m starving!”

All of a sudden, William asked, “Francesca, does Danrique know that you’re here?”

“He probably does. Don’t mind him. Once I’ve settled the issue here, I’ll explain everything to him,” replied Francesca casually.

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