Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2090

Chapter 2090 Tables Have Turned

“I see.” Realization dawned on Robin. “You sure are meticulous, but I believe Ms. Felch is a reasonable person. She will not blame you for what you’ve done. Those people were plotting to harm you. Anyone with a right mind would retaliate.”

“You might be right, but people will always sympathize with the weak, especially doctors.” William was certain about what he had just said. “Francesca might be on my side now, but when she hears the piteous wails of those families in the future, she might waver…”

A bitter smile formed on William’s lips as he spoke. “Just like my beloved grandpa. Does he really not know how my parents died?”

He knows. Nevertheless, when the other families begged and pleaded for mercy, his heart softened, and he decided not to punish them as they were his flesh and blood. After all, those who died can never be revived, but those who are alive have to continue living. As ironic as it is, it’s part of human nature.

William raised his head and looked out the window, staring at the countless stars shining in the vast night sky. Mixed emotions filled his gaze.

Great sorrow was written on his face as he remembered something grievous.

Soon, however, the sorrow was replaced by a chilling sense of hatred.

Twenty years had passed. When he was five, he had been pushed off a horse by his cousin and was trampled on the ground by the horse, which resulted in him being severely injured and crippled. After the incident, he had overheard that it was all a scheme.

The only way to completely destroy the last hope of William’s family was to kill off everyone in the household. They had wanted William dead.

Fortunately, he did not lose his life. Instead, he became disabled.

Because of that, they had spared his life.

However, ever since that incident, William knew that the sole reason he was still alive was to take revenge.

William had always kept a low profile, but recently, he had intentionally revealed to the public that the company he had founded had made it to the list of wealthiest companies to make his enemies feel threatened.

Following that, he returned to Danontand to pay respects to his late parents when his treatment came to a temporary halt.

He did that to give his enemies an opportunity to strike.

Nevertheless, William met Federico upon return, his grandfather whom he had not seen in a long time.

Federico was proud to learn that the company William had founded obtained such brilliant achievements and had hinted to everyone in the extended family that they were to live peacefully with one another.

Therefore, they did not dare to harm William flagrantly, but rather in secret.

That gave William the perfect chance to turn things around.

After all, he had Francesca as his trump card in hand.

“Rest assured, Your Highness. I will get the job done.”

Robin had grown up with William’s father and had witnessed every tear and every laughter in the household. He was also with William every step of the way when the latter crawled his way to the top.

It was truly a journey filled with blood, sweat, and tears.

From the bottom of his heart, Robin hoped that William could get the revenge he so righteously deserved.

Wheeling his wheelchair to the side of the window, William narrowed his eyes as he stared at the people outside. “Those lot has been staring at us for a while now. If you leave now, you would most likely be murdered before you even made it to the palace.”

“I owe my life to your father, Your Highness. If I have to sacrifice myself for the sake of your revenge, it would not be counted as a loss!”

Robin had decided to risk it all.

“You’re not going to die. If you die, who’s going to help me?” After a moment of pondering, William took out his phone and scrolled through his contacts. “I’ll give His Majesty a call right now. He should ask Silas to pick you up.”

“Would His Majesty agree?” Robin was a little concerned.

“Ever since I became disabled when I was five, I have borne the humiliation until now. For twenty years, I have never asked him for anything. I did not even speak a word about those who bullied me. Right now, I’m only requesting that you go meet him in my place. It would only be polite to accept such a request.”

William was full of confidence.

“This is the first favor you’ve ever asked from His Majesty, and you’re using it on me? Don’t you think it’s a waste, Your Highness?” Robin asked quickly.

“I told you, a single decision separates victory and defeat. Right now, you are the key that will determine the outcome. I need to make sure that you stay safe.”

With that being said, William dialed Federico’s number.

Within seconds, Federico answered the call, sounding pleasantly surprised. “William? You haven’t called me in so long.”

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