Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2089

Chapter 2089 Revenge

“A single decision separates victory and defeat,” said a solemn William with eyes narrowed. “All these years, we had endured countless acts of cruelty, humiliation, and intrigue from them. This shall decide whether we’ll be able to turn our fortunes around for ourselves!”

“Rest assured, Your Highness. I know what to say.” Robin nodded firmly. “I don’t think we should try to discuss this over the phone. Instead, I should hurry over to the palace to explain the situation to Silas in person tonight, then request for an audience with His Majesty himself.”

“Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ll need to approach this with intentionality.” William narrowed his eyes and dissected the situation in detail. “It isn’t the first time that the other factions within the family tried to harm me, so do you really think His Majesty is still oblivious to it after so many years?

He definitely knows about it but being advanced in age, going all out to suppress those heartless beasts would likely come to him at a great personal cost, so he may have thought an isolated and useless cripple like me is not worth the effort. Hence, we must find the right opportunity if we were to convince His Majesty to take action against them. This here is exactly what we need.”

He continued, “It is therefore imperative that we bring this matter to light through someone else’s hand before attempting to take it up with His Majesty. It has to be done by a figure who is recognized and respected globally. Out of fear that word might spread and damage the royal family’s reputation and without the option of silencing this person, he would be forced to investigate the matter.”

“This is what makes Ms. Felch the perfect candidate.” Robin realized. “Not only is the miracle doctor Francesco highly regarded in the field of medicine internationally, but she’s also Mr. Lindberg’s fiancée. Neither His Majesty nor the rest of them would dare lay a finger on her or simply dismiss any of the things she says…”

“Correct.” William’s eyes evoked a sliver of contrite. “Francesca would surely end up hating me should she uncover the truth one day, but I have no choice…”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Robin said in consolation. “Actually, this matter won’t cause Ms. Felch any harm. As the reputation of the royal family is at stake, no one would likely dare to breathe a word of it. Her cover will thus remain intact. On top of it, you’d tried everything you could to convince Silas to accompany me to the airport to receive her for her protection. Now, her safety is further assured since she will be staying close to you all this time. Even if they wanted to seek revenge on her afterward, her relationship with Mr. Lindberg as his fiancée would likely make them think twice.”

“That being said, the fact remains that I have deceived her.” William let out a helpless sigh. “We won’t be able to keep this from her for long and with Danrique’s personality, he’d probably find his way here very soon. As such, we must seek to resolve this quickly.”

“Yes.” Robin nodded profusely. “But what concerns me the most is the influence wielded by the other wives. Even if His Majesty were to investigate, would he opt to simply make a show of it before finding a few scapegoats to take the fall?”

“We haven’t been preparing for this all these years for nothing,” said William with a frown. “So long as he is willing to look into it, we’d be able to seize the chance to roll out all the evidence we’ve gathered over the years, and make them public if need be. That way, His Majesty would have no choice but to respond decisively!”

“I see.” Robin gasped. “So, you’ve already had this all planned out all along. Why didn’t you tell me about them sooner? I was worried.”

“Francesca is too clever and would become suspicious if you were to give off any telltale signs. That was why I kept this even from you,” William explained. “But things are different now. Everyone knows about the poisoning incident, so it would be justifiable even if you were to bring it to His Majesty’s attention this late at night.”

“Then why did you insist that it was useless to report this to His Majesty when Ms. Felch suggested it just now?” Robin remained somewhat confused.

“In Francesca’s opinion, I had always been a good-natured and meek fellow. If I were to order you to report the incident, when the other families are ruined in the future, she’d think that I’m vicious. Hence, I needed her to encourage me to go ahead with it. That way, she wouldn’t blame me for whatever comes next,” William explained impassively.

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