Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2084

Chapter 2084 Conflicts In The Palace

After hanging up the phone, Francesca checked her call log and saw a missed call from Danrique. She missed the call because she was still on the plane. He didn’t even leave me a text.

Francesca was contemplating whether to call him back. He didn’t explain anything to me about his meeting with Hazel. Why should I explain anything to him?

Upon that thought, Francesca kept her phone and walked out of the airport with her luggage.

“Are you Ms. Felch?” Suddenly, a few suited men stopped Francesca in her tracks and said, “His Majesty sent us. Please come with us.”

Before Francesca arrived, William had already told the king about her. The king then sent her an invitation, so she went to Danontand as a doctor for William.

Hence, it was normal for the king to send men over to fetch her.

However, Francesca sensed something amiss. Before she could ask them anything, those men had surrounded her, and they were rushing for her to get to their car.

Francesca immediately knew something was up. She wouldn’t get into their car, and she said, “Prince William said he was going to send people here to fetch me. I’d better give him a call first.”

“That’s not necessary. Please hop in.” One of the bodyguards was pushing Francesca into the car.

Francesca furrowed her brows, and she was about to fight back. Right at that moment, a familiar voice sounded. “Dr. Felch!”

She turned toward the voice and saw Robin. He was accompanied by a few palace guards and an old military officer.

Robin bowed and smiled before saying, “Everyone, this is the doctor His Majesty had invited over for His Highness. I’ll bring her to His Highness right away to save you guys the trouble.”

He was extremely humble and courteous to those bodyguards.

Those bodyguards didn’t want to cause a scene in public. However, they had their orders, so they said, “We’re just obeying orders from—”

“Orders? Whose orders?” The old military officer stepped forward and asked sternly, “Did His Majesty order you guys to bring this doctor back to the palace? Why didn’t I hear anything about it? Should I call to seek a confirmation?”

Those bodyguards’ expressions changed immediately when they saw the military officer. After they bowed, they hastily left with their heads hung low.

Robin heaved a sigh of relief and bowed to the old military officer. “Thank you, Mr. Faulkner!”

“His Majesty is a busy man, so he wouldn’t have the time to pay attention to trivial matters like this. Who knew that someone would take advantage of the situation? Fortunately, you found me in the nick of time. Otherwise, Prince William’s treatment would’ve gotten delayed. That would be bad,” Silas Faulkner uttered in a helpless tone.

“You’re right. Luckily, you’re here.” Robin heaved a sigh.

“His Majesty had been worried about His Highness’ health.” Silas patted his shoulder. “Nonetheless, His Majesty is of age, so there are a lot of things he can’t oversee.”

“I understand.”

After a brief small talk, Silas left with his subordinates. Before he left, he threw a glance at Francesca.

“I’m sorry for the trouble you had to go through, Ms. Felch. Let’s get into the car.” Robin didn’t wish to invite trouble to themselves, so he quickly dragged Francesca into the car.

“It seems like there are still a lot of conflicts in the palace.” Francesca checked the rearview mirror and noticed that they were being tailed.

“Quick! Let’s leave!” Robin urged. After that, he uttered helplessly, “These people just won’t quit!”

“Let me.” Francesca switched seats with the driver and said, “Set the destination.”

“Okay.” The driver quickly set the destination on the GPS navigator in the car.

Francesca started the car and floored the accelerator.

The driver lost his balance and almost smashed into the windshield. At the back, Robin fell off his seat, and he was frightened.

Francesca was unfazed. She drove fast through the traffic and arrived at William’s castle in no time.

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