Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 2081

Chapter 2081 Going Over To You

“Yes!” William sighed in sadness and said, “Maybe it was destined by God that I would never be able to stand up for the rest of my life.”

“No. I’ll definitely think of something,” Francesca quickly answered. “Start a video call with me now. I want to have a look at your legs.”

William started a video call with her. Prior to that, he had a sensation in his legs, and he could feel pain. Besides that, he would have a reaction when someone was to tap his knee. However, it had returned to the state before the treatment.

He couldn’t feel a thing in his legs, and it was as if he was wearing prosthetic ones.

Francesca was worried. If this goes on, all the efforts before this would be in vain.

“Take your medicine, Your Highness.” Suddenly, Robin walked in to give William a glass of water and a capsule.

When William was about to eat the capsule, Francesca yelled, “Wait!”

William froze and turned toward her. “What is it?”

“Are you taking painkillers?” Francesca stared at the capsule William was holding in his hand. “Are you feeling pain in other parts of your body, or are you just taking it for your legs?”

“I-I’m taking it for a headache.” William’s eyes lit up.

“Take some medicine for the headache, then. Why are you taking painkillers?” Francesca was becoming more alarmed. “Are you feeling pain in other parts of your body? Is your lumbar spine hurting?”

William kept mum, but Robin couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He dropped to his knees and said, “Your Highness, even if you’re going to punish me, I need to say this.”

He then turned toward the screen and uttered, “Ms. Felch, His Highness has been feeling pain in his waist for days now. We don’t know what’s going on. Basically, his condition has returned to its original state. Actually, it’s even worse than that now!”

“How dare you, Robin!” William fumed. “Stop talking nonsense!”

“Your Highness—”

“Shut up!” William stopped Robin from saying anything further. Left without a choice, Robin lowered his head and retreated to the side.

“Francesca, don’t worry about me, okay? I’m fine.” William flashed a gentle smile at Francesca.

“When are you coming back?” Francesca knew William didn’t want her to worry about him, which was why he hid his worsening condition. I have the responsibility to fix his condition.

“I’m stuck in Danontand, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go back anytime soon.” William’s expression turned solemn, and he added, “It was my parents’ death anniversaries two days ago. I came back to pay my respects, but my cousins had already laid their traps for me.”

“This is outrageous!” Francesca was infuriated. “You’re not even going to snatch the throne from them! Why don’t they just let you be?”

“I have no idea.” William smiled wryly. “Perhaps they’ll only be happy once I’m dead.”

“William, get a grip on yourself!” Francesca froze for a while and uttered hurriedly, “I’ll go to Danontand to give you treatment.”

“Are you serious? You would come here?” William was over the moon. However, he got worried again, and he said, “No. I don’t want to drag you into anything.”

“That might not be a problem,” Robin chimed in. “Isn’t the king looking for a doctor for you, Your Highness? Ms. Felch should just pretend to be your doctor. That way, those people aren’t going to harm her. After all, Ms. Felch had been hiding her identity when she was treating you before this. Those people won’t know who she is.”

“That might work.” William was hesitating. “However, wouldn’t Mr. Lindberg be upset?”

“It’s not going to be a problem. He’s not that petty,” Francesca immediately answered. “I still remember that you have a treatment room in your house, and it has all the medical tools I need. I’ll give you a list of medicines I need, okay? Help me get them. I’m going over to you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Francesca!”

“I’m going to cure you. I promise you!”

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