Mission To Remarry Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Faking His Illness

“Why aren’t you two asleep yet?” Roxanne was stunned for a moment as she stared in confusion at the two boys standing in front of her.

Archie and Benny exchanged glances and said, “We thought you seemed in a bad mood, Mommy.” Upon hearing that, the emotions Roxanne had tried to suppress were no longer under control as they rose up within her once more.

“Mommy, what happened at the entrance of Mr. Farwell’s house?” Archie stared at her seriously. His words hinted that he somehow knew what had happened.

Yet, in reality, he had not seen anything. Roxanne patted Archie’s head as though nothing had happened. “It’s nothing. I suddenly remembered that I had work that needed to be done.”

Archie and Benny were persistent. “Then how about we visit Mr. Farwell tomorrow?”

Roxanne’s expression stiffened when she heard that. The boys stared at her with wide eyes, trying to see if they could find anything by studying her expression.

It took some time before Roxanne spoke again. She forced a smile and said, “I have something important at work that needs to be settled tomorrow. Besides, Mr. Farwell only has the flu and fever. I’m sure he’d have recovered by tomorrow.”

Initially, she was worried that Aubree might have done something to Lucian. However, when she saw that scene unfold before her just now, all her worries disappeared.

Judging by how Lucian treated Aubree, Aubree must have already reached her goal and wouldn’t do anything unnecessary anymore. Archie and Benny had predicted Roxanne’s refusal.

Benny was still unwilling to give up as he grabbed the hem of Roxanne’s skirt and complained, “But, Mommy, when you were sick, Mr. Farwell would always come to visit you.”

In other words, they should visit Lucian, even if it meant using the excuse of returning the favor.

It would have been fine if Archie and Benny did not bring up that matter. Once they brought it up, Roxanne felt a stabbing pain in her heart.

Every time she was sick, Lucian would always be by her side.

Roxanne could not help but feel touched by his gesture.

However, now that she thought about it, those were nothing but a part of his strategy to get in her good books.

Archie and Benny noticed their mother’s mood turn sour and did not dare to say anything more.

Roxanne did not have the energy to explain further to them, either. “It’s getting late. The two of you should go to sleep. If you’re worried about Mr. Farwell, I think you’ll be able to see him when you go to school tomorrow.”

With that, she walked past Archie and Benny.

The siblings lowered their heads in disappointment but did not stop her from leaving.

“Archie, should we not have pressured Mommy to visit Daddy?” Benny asked guiltily as he looked at Archie after Roxanne left.

Archie also regretted what they had done. “We already went to Daddy’s place. Let’s come up with an idea to make Mommy feel better.”

Benny frowned. “But Mommy seems to be angrier than before. Could it be that Daddy is faking his illness?”

Maybe Daddy isn’t truly sick and is just trying to trick us. Mommy found out about it, which is why she’s so angry.


Archie shook his head. “Daddy is really sick. Essie wouldn’t lie to us.”

As for what had happened, the two of them were not sure.

Archie and Benny could not come up with an answer no matter how much they thought about it, so they had no choice but to return to their room.

At the same time, Roxanne was lying on the bed, trying to fall asleep. However, her mind was filled with memories of her and Lucian.

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