Mission To Remarry Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Grim Expression

At the Farwell residence, Aubree was having dinner with Lucian and Estella. While they were eating, Aubree tried her best to engage in a conversation with the two, but she received no response.

This angered her. Indeed, Lucian did not kick her out this time. However, he was acting as though she did not exist, as he had never looked at her once.

They finally finished dinner. Aubree stood up first and turned to Catalina. She kindly said, “Catalina, let me help you clean up.” Catalina was surprised and wondered why Aubree had a sudden change in attitude.

Before she could say anything, Aubree had started cleaning the table. Since Lucian would not accept her affection, she could only swallow her pride and try to impress him by doing little things. “Daddy…”

Estella carefully tugged on her father’s sleeve. Lucian looked down at her. “I want to see the flowers.” She glanced at Aubree as she spoke.

She did not want to stay with Aubree. If Aubree were to stay at their place, then Estella would rather go out to play. Lucian knew what Estella was thinking. He gently patted her head and said, “I’ll accompany you.”

Upon hearing that, Estella hurriedly shook her head. “I can go by myself. I’ll just be in the garden. Daddy, you shouldn’t go outside since you’re sick.”

Lucian smiled and calmly replied, “It’s just a cold. I can still see the flowers with you.”

After saying that, he stood up and held out a hand to Estella.

Estella’s eyes lit up.

Although she said she wanted to see the flowers because she was trying to hide from Aubree, she did not expect Lucian to want to follow along.

This is my first time seeing the flowers with Daddy!

A huge smile tugged at Estella’s lips as the thought crossed her mind.

On the other hand, an icy glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes as she watched the two leave. She put the plates in her hands back on the table.

“Ms. Pearson?”

Catalina was confused upon seeing Aubree put the plates down.

Seconds later, she returned to her senses. This person is simply acting in front of Mr. Farwell. Whatever “help” she wants to provide is just an excuse to butter up to him. Since Mr. Farwell and Ms. Estella left, she’s too lazy to keep up her act.

When Catalina realized that, she did not say a word and continued to clean up.

Estella squatted at the stairs in the garden and looked at the flowers around her feet earnestly.


She suddenly noticed something and excitedly tugged on the hem of Lucian’s pants.

Lucian could hear the excitement in Estella’s voice as his gaze followed where she was pointing.

A ring of white flowers surrounded a cluster of pale yellow flowers.

“Ms. Jarvis previously made a flower wreath for me that has the same small yellow flowers as those in it!”

Estella’s tone was full of surprise.

When Lucian heard that, he raised an eyebrow, and a smile tugged at his lips.

Just then, Aubree came out of the mansion with a thick coat in her hands.

“Wear this. Otherwise, your flu will get worse tomorrow.” As she said that, she reached out to place the coat around Lucian’s shoulders.

Lucian turned around. The smile on his face remained, though his tone was cold as he said, “Thanks.”

After saying that, he took the coat from her before she could touch him.

Aubree’s hands were frozen in mid-air, and her expression turned grim.

Suddenly, she noticed something and looked toward the entrance of the manor.

In the dark of the night, a familiar car was parked at the entrance, but it seemed that no one had gotten out.

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