Mission To Remarry Chapter 991

Chapter 991 Severely Ill

Lucian’s rejection was cold and indifferent. “Mind your own business.” After uttering that, he took Estella’s hand and went inside.

Aubree’s expression darkened as she stared after their retreating figures. However, she quickly adjusted her expression and chased after them.

Catalina had already prepared dinner, and when she saw Lucian entering with Estella, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Dinner is ready, Mr. Farwell, Ms. Estella. Come eat!”

Just as she finished speaking, she noticed Aubree coming in the doors. Catalina’s expression stiffened slightly, but she forced herself to maintain a cordial smile. Aubree ignored her and made a beeline straight for Lucian and Estella.

Lucian, too, ignored her. The only reason he did not outright drive Aubree away was that he did not want to aggravate his mother, who would, in turn, trouble Roxanne.

However, if they expected anything more from him, then they would be sorely disappointed. Meanwhile, Lysa brought Archie and Benny home.

Roxanne was already waiting for them when they arrived. As they were eating dinner, Archie and Benny exchanged glances, attempting to broach the subject of Estella.

“Mommy, how much longer will you be busy?” Roxanne paused, lifting her head to smile at the kids. “I don’t know. It will probably take a while. What’s the matter?”

Benny asked in a childish voice, “Can Essie come over to play with us?”

Roxanne’s expression turned conflicted. Avoiding his eyes, she muttered, “Perhaps some other time. I can’t take care of you all at the moment.”

The two children were visibly disappointed after hearing her words. “Essie’s been feeling down because she hasn’t seen you in so long.”

Benny frowned. “Archie and I tried to cheer her up, but she refused to lighten up.” Archie added, “She was even close to tears today!” Roxanne furrowed her brows and asked worriedly, “What happened?”

Archie glanced at Benny as he replied hesitantly, “Essie told us that Mr. Farwell is sick.”

Roxanne’s hand, which had been in the midst of serving more food, hung motionless in the air. Lucian is sick?

“Mr. Farwell came down with a cold and has a high fever. Essie is very worried about him, but he refuses to let her near him because he doesn’t want to infect her.”

Archie added pitifully, “Essie must be incredibly distressed. Benny and I were so worried when you got sick, Mommy.”

Roxanne’s resolve began to waver after she heard the boys’ words.

I know that Archie and Benny were worried sick when I fell ill. After all, I am all they have, so they must’ve felt so helpless. In other words, Essie must feel the same. I wonder how sick Lucian is.

Seeing their mother’s apprehension, Archie and Benny purposely exaggerated, “He didn’t look too good when he came to pick up Essie earlier. He was coughing fitfully too.”

Benny furrowed his brows. “Mr. Farwell would usually accompany us while we waited for Ms. Lane to come, but he didn’t today. He must be feeling pretty terrible.”

Since Roxanne had not been picking them up from school for some time, she was unaware of that fact. At that, she turned to Lysa for verification.

Lysa nodded in response. “Yes. No wonder I didn’t see Mr. Farwell and Ms. Estella today.”

Still, Roxanne was slightly doubtful. “He drove himself?”

Archie and Benny shook their heads. “We saw Mr. Farwell and Essie get into the back seat.”

That meant the driver was the one who drove them.

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