Mission To Remarry Chapter 989

Chapter 989 What Brings You Here

Estella nodded at Archie and Benny obediently. “Essie!” Just as the three children were chatting up a storm, someone suddenly called out to Estella from a distance.

The three children turned to look toward the direction of the voice in unison. Since Lucian was out sick, there was no way he would come pick up Estella.

By that logic, Catalina was likely the one who had come to fetch her. However, when they saw the person who was approaching, surprise tinged their expressions. One by one, they frowned.

The person who called out to Estella was Aubree. Paying no heed to Archie and Benny, Aubree strode toward Estella directly. “Essie, your father is still sick, so I came to pick you up in his stead.”

Aubree reached out, intending to take Estella’s hand.

Estella pursed her lips. A reluctant look spread across her face when she saw the woman’s outstretched hand and she silently hid her hands behind her back.

Frowning slightly, Aubree admonished the little girl, “Essie.” Sensing the veiled threat in Aubree’s tone, Estella ran toward the boys and carefully hid behind them.

She would rather follow Lysa to Roxanne’s place than return with Aubree.

Estella had not forgotten the last time Aubree had sent her to school. The latter had spanked her bottom inside the car.

I’m never going with that evil woman ever again! Sensing her fear, Archie and Benny stood in front of Estella protectively.

“Ms. Pearson, we will see that Essie gets home in a bit.”

Aubree glanced at Archie and Benny and was suddenly reminded of Roxanne.

She maintained a smile on her face as she thought of the latter, but her eyes darkened perceptibly. “Since I’m already here, there’s no need to trouble anyone else.”

Estella tensed up behind the two boys, still refusing to come out.

Pippa, who had watched the scene unfold, hurriedly came over to diffuse the situation.

“Ms. Pearson, since Essie is unwilling, I will handle sending her home later.”

Aubree lifted her head and smiled at Pippa. “There’s no need. There seems to be some misunderstanding, but I’m sure Essie and I can resolve it.” She then glanced at the three children. “You two leave us. I have something to say to Essie.”

Archie and Benny looked at Estella hesitantly.

In response, Estella shook her head.

“Essie doesn’t want to talk to you,” the boys announced.

Aubree’s expression grew ugly when she heard the retort.

The little shits! I was planning to return with Estella in order to earn some brownie points from Lucian. Why is she making it so difficult?

“Your father will be worried if you return home late.” Aubree suppressed her rage. “He’s still not feeling well. Essie, be a good girl, and don’t cause trouble for your father.”

At the mention of her father, Estella hesitated for a moment before stepping out from behind the two boys.

However, when she saw Aubree’s face, she was immediately reminded of her horrible behavior.

A surge of worry and fear enveloped Estella. Instantly, her eyes reddened, and tears began to well up.

“Be a good girl now.” Paying no heed to the little girl’s anxiety, Aubree reached out to grab her hand.

Just then, Pippa’s voice sounded from behind them.

“Mr. Farwell, what brings you here?”

Wasn’t Ms. Pearson supposed to pick Essie up?

Upon hearing Pippa’s words, the children turned their attention toward Aubree and peered at her suspiciously before turning to look at Lucian, who was standing in front of them in casual clothing.

Perhaps it was because of his illness. Although his posture appeared to be laid back, his expression was anything but.

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