Mission To Remarry Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Let Her Be

While that was happening, Sonny had also informed Sonya that Lucian was unwell. Although she had previously gotten into an argument with Lucian, she still decided to personally check in on her son upon learning of his condition.

“Mrs. Farwell.” When Catalina saw Sonya walking through the door, she could not help thinking about how the mother-son pair had quarreled the last time. She hesitated, wondering whether to let the latter go upstairs or not.

Naturally, Sonya paid no mind to her hesitation. “Is Lucian in his room?” Catalina nodded. “He’s not feeling well and is resting. How about—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Sonya interrupted impatiently, “My son has fallen ill. As his mother, of course I want to see him.”

With that, she strode upstairs.

Not daring to stop her, Catalina could only trail behind awkwardly.

Over in the bedroom, Lucian thought it was Catalina coming to check on him again when he heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he responded in a low voice.

Soon, the door opened, and he heard his mother’s voice ring out. “I heard from Dr. Elswick that you’re sick. How are you feeling?”

Lucian’s brows drew together sharply as he turned toward the direction of the voice.

By then, Sonya had already walked over to his bed, pulled up a chair, and sat down with a frown.

“Dr. Elswick says it’s because you’re overworked. He also said something is bothering you. Is it because of Roxanne? What makes her worth your worry? Back then, that woman left without a word. She was gone for six years. Did she ever consider your feelings?” Sonya said, looking utterly mystified.

Lucian could not be bothered to argue with her and merely replied, “You’re overthinking. I’m a little tired. I want to take a nap.”

After saying that, he ignored her and closed his eyes.

It was evident to Sonya that he was trying to avoid the topic, and anger rose within her.

“It’s not that I don’t care about your health. It’s just that the cause of your illness is completely unacceptable to me!”

He opened his eyes again and glanced at her. “If you care that much about me, let me rest.”

Sonya still felt like venting, but she suppressed the urge to do so when she saw how ill he looked.

She glared at him for a few seconds, then stood up expressionlessly. “I’ll get Aubree to come and look after you. You’d better not send her away.”

With that, she spun on her heel and left.

Catalina felt a sense of helplessness at the tension hanging in the air between the duo.

Nonetheless, when she saw Sonya go downstairs, she still had to hurry after her respectfully and send her off.

After watching Sonya leave, she turned around and went back upstairs.

She thought of saying that since Lucian was not feeling well and Sonya had purposely come to visit him, the pair could take the opportunity to reconcile.

However, she swallowed her unspoken words when she remembered that Sonya wanted to tear Lucian and Roxanne apart.

By the time she returned to the bedroom, Lucian was already sitting up, leaning against the headboard and working.

Catalina’s heart sank. “Mr. Farwell, you should rest for a while.”

He lifted his gaze and glanced at her. “That’s not necessary. I’ve already slept for a long time and have had enough sleep.”

Knowing that she would not be able to change his mind, Catalina fell silent.

After a while, she thought of something and said hesitantly, “Mrs. Farwell mentioned that she’d get Ms. Pearson to come by. When she comes…”

Should I let her in or ask her to leave?

Lucian knew what the woman was thinking. He frowned and was silent for several seconds. Then he answered, “Let her be.”

Clearly, my mother is annoyed by my attitude. If I don’t put up with what she wants for a bit, I’m afraid she’ll go and stir up trouble for Roxanne.

After getting a clear answer, Catalina breathed a sigh of relief and left the room.

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