Mission To Remarry Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Estella Was Worried

The next few days, Roxanne did not send the children or pick them up because of her work. Like the previous time, the boys would come back and hint to her about how upset Estella was to not see her.

Although Roxanne’s heart ached whenever she heard that, she said nothing about it. One night, as usual, the children waited for their parents to pick them up after school

Estella stared at the two boys. Without even needing her to say anything, the boys knew what she was going to say. Her question would be none other than when their mother was going to come.

Estella’s continuous stares throughout the past few days could burn a hole in their faces at this rate. However, they could not do anything if their mother did not give them her permission.

Not long after, Lysa appeared in the line for parents. Estella looked away in disappointment. Archie and Benny did not leave immediately. They waited until Lucian’s car appeared before leaving with Lysa.

“Daddy,” Estella miserably called out as she watched her father come closer to her. Lucian was slow, and as he walked to her, he swept his gaze around Estella.

Seemingly knowing what her father was looking for, Estella mumbled, “Ms. Lane has picked up Archie and Benny.”

Lucian stopped looking around and stood before the girl, saying nothing else as he took her hand.

After greeting Pippa, Lucian brought Estella into the car.

Although it was normal for Lucian to hold Estella’s hand, there was something strange about it this time. “Daddy, your hand feels hot.”

Lucian furrowed his brows and silently let go of her before walking behind her instead.

Estella did not dwell on that, and she climbed into the car.

Lucian started the car engine.

“Daddy, let’s go to play with Archie and Benny,” came Estella’s voice a moment later.

Lucian only frowned and replied, “Ms. Jarvis is busy lately. Let’s wait for her to be done with work first.”

That was what Roxanne had told him after all.

The light in Estella’s eyes dimmed at that. “But it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen Ms. Jarvis…”

Roxanne had not contacted him ever since that call, and the fury in Lucian had yet to die down.

Frustration was the only thing he felt when he heard Estella mentioning Roxanne.

“We’ll see her once she’s done with her work,” Lucian uttered in a strangely hoarse voice.

Estella could sense that something seemed off about her father, but she could not figure out what exactly it was, so she stayed quiet.

Upon reaching the Farwell residence, Lucian got out of the car first. Then he turned around to carry Estella down as well.

Carrying Estella had always been an easy task for him, but he stumbled this time.


Estella was frightened, and once her father regained his balance, she looked up at his face in concern.

The sight that she saw was Lucian’s pale face.

Seeing the worry in Estella’s eyes, Lucian patted her head gently in consolation. “I’m fine. I might have caught a cold.”

He had been feeling weak the entire day, and the girl had pointed out how hot his palm was earlier.

It must be because I caught a cold, then.

Lucian did not think much about it. He had always been as healthy as a horse; this was only a cold. He was sure that he would be fine after a night’s rest.

However, Estella was worried.

She had never seen her father this weak before.

“Go on in.”

Fearing that he would pass the virus to her, Lucian did not hold the girl’s hand again.

Estella stared at her father’s back as worry washed over her.

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