Mission To Remarry Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Keep That In Mind

Just as the call ended and before Roxanne could recollect herself, someone knocked on the bedroom door. “Mommy!” When she opened the door, she was greeted by two lively boys.

The boys had been waiting in their room for the entire afternoon, but their mother never came out to call them. Thus, they came out themselves.

Suppressing the strange feelings in her chest, Roxanne forced a smile at the two boys. Nevertheless, Archie and Benny were sensitive to her emotions, and they instantly figured out that she looked upset.

Benny carefully tugged the hem of his mother’s shirt and asked, “Mommy, what’s wrong?” At the same time, Archie was quietly watching her from the side, seemingly trying to decipher something by studying her face.

Roxanne put on a nonchalant smile and said, “It’s nothing. I just had a nightmare earlier.” Hearing that, Benny shared a look with his brother.

It was clear that both boys did not believe her. Roxanne could see their suspicions, but there was nothing she could do about that.

She could never notice when the boys were putting on an act, but the boys could always figure out right away if anything happened to her.

“Is it because of Grandma?” Archie asked, cocking his head to the side. Even though Mommy didn’t show it earlier, Grandma’s words were indeed quite hurtful.

The way the boy called Sonya made Roxanne freeze for a moment. Grandma. Yes, that’s the way the boys should call Sonya if they know about their history. If not for me trying to keep things under wrap, Sonya would not have said such cruel words to the boys.

Roxanne gazed at Archie and Benny with an apologetic look. “Didn’t Mommy say not to take Grandma’s words to heart? All we need is for Essie to like us.”

Archie carefully held his mother’s finger and shook it.

Also, once Mommy gets back together with Daddy, Grandma’s impression of us will surely change. But I don’t think we’ll like her as much.

Every time the boys called Sonya “Grandma,” Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat.

She said, “Remember that you have to call her Mrs. Farwell, not Grandma.”

The boys looked at their mother in confusion and asked, “Why?”

Traces of guilt flashed past Roxanne’s eyes as she ruffled the boys’ hair. “That’s because… she’s not your real grandma. You can only call your real grandma that.”

For a brief second, the boys’ expressions changed when they heard her, but they soon schooled their faces back to a neutral look.

“Okay, we’ll keep that in mind.”

We know our history, but since Mommy wants us to call her that instead, we’ll do as she says.

Roxanne finally let out a sigh of relief at their agreement. “I’ll be busy with work these days, so I might not be able to pick you up. You have to be good kids and listen to Ms. Lane, okay?”

Lysa had just returned from her leave, and Roxanne was taking the opportunity to keep a distance from Estella.

Hearing that, the boys thought about how their mother corrected the way they called Sonya and realized what was going on.

Mommy’s going to avoid Daddy and Essie again. And yet she says it’s not because of Grandma’s words…

“But if Essie starts crying…”

Benny could understand why his mother was doing that, but he was still worried about Estella.

Roxanne lowered her gaze. “I’ll have to ask you to help me coax Essie, then.”

While she needed to keep a distance from Estella, the boys did not.

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