Mission To Remarry Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Excuse

Roxanne lowered her head at that thought. As long as I keep a distance from Essie and Lucian, Aubree and Sonya won’t come and bother me. If I get close to them, Aubree might do something even crazier.

Previously, Aubree had ruthlessly infected Estella with bacteria. Thinking about that alone, Roxanne felt a chill running down her spine.

“Have you tried thinking about it carefully during this period?” Lucian interrogated. He was quick to notice Roxanne’s strange attitude and tone. He refused to let her hang up on him just like that.

He had already spotted her behavior change at the campsite and had a hunch that she might be concealing something. There must be something fishy going on.

Meanwhile, his question caused Roxanne to feel a wave of turmoil within her. She persisted in not revealing anything, nonetheless.

“Mr. Farwell, didn’t you ask people to watch over me? If none of them find anything suspicious, it’s impossible for me to have anyone in mind.”

The crease between Lucian’s brows deepened. He stayed silent after hearing her words.

It’s because I sent someone to spy on Cory as well. That’s why Cory stops appearing around Roxanne. However, I didn’t find anything suspicious about him.

Roxanne remarked, “I don’t feel anything unusual during this time. Moreover, Estella is now back at your place. I think it’s safe for you to send your people away.”

After all, she had only agreed for Lucian to arrange for people to keep an eye out on them to ensure Estella’s safety.

Now that Estella had gone back, there was no need for that anymore.

Lucian wanted to reject her request instinctively, worried that Roxanne might get into danger if he dismissed the men around her.

However, something popped into his mind, changing his thoughts. It’s a futile attempt for me to tail both sides. I might never be able to find out the person behind this. Instead of remaining at this impasse, I might as well reveal a flaw to them.

With that thought in mind, Lucian said, “Okay. I’ll ask them to leave soon.”

Hearing how Lucian agreed almost instantly, she could not help but feel a queer feeling arise within her.

It took several seconds for her to finally suppress her peculiar sensation.

Roxanne stayed silent for a long while before saying, “I’ll be busy with work these days, so I might not be able to take care of Essie. Could you please help me with that if Essie looks for me?”

Her words caused Lucian to furrow his brows deeply.

There she goes again with this excuse. She’s trying to use work to avoid me and Essie again!

The images of Estella crying pitifully just now occurred to him, and he could feel anger stirring within him.

Roxanne did not expect any reply from him. She added, “This project is important to me. I hope you understand, Mr. Farwell.”

Upon hearing the mention of the project, Lucian could not help but think of the Damaris family, as it was a project led by them.

Why did she bring that up? That means she’ll be hanging around with Jack often again!

Rage quickened Lucian’s blood. He could not contain his frustration and responded in a blunt tone, “Yes. I understand that you’ll be occupied with work. I’ll tell Essie about that and ask her to behave well!”

With that, Lucian hung up the phone.

Just when Roxanne was about to say something, the call got disconnected.

She felt utterly helpless as she watched her phone screen fade to black.

I have to keep a distance from Essie. This is the only way I can protect her for now.

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