Mission To Remarry Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Guilty

“Be good, Essie. Let me carry you. Don’t cry,” Sonya comforted patiently. Unexpectedly, the more Sonya consoled Estella, the harder Estella cried. Estella was crying so hard that she could barely catch her breath.

Upon noticing that things had gotten out of hand, Sonya reluctantly passed Estella to Lucian. Estella’s wails soon grew weaker again and gradually turned into whimpers after she got into Lucian’s embrace.

The moment Lucian noticed how aggrieved Estella looked, he knew exactly what had happened. I wonder what ruthless things my mother did in order to bring Essie out of Roxanne’s house.

“You’ve spoiled her.” Sonya was dissatisfied. “Don’t you remember how heartless that woman was back then? Why do you still want Essie to get near her? I told you countless times to stay away from her! Why wouldn’t you listen? Are you happy now? Essie doesn’t even want to return to her own home anymore!”

Estella didn’t know what Sonya meant, but she could feel that Sonya was badmouthing Roxanne to Lucian.

Knowing that, Estella tugged at Lucian’s shirt and whined, “I want Ms. Jarvis…”

Sonya was infuriated when she heard that. “Why would you want her? She didn’t even want—”

Before Sonya could finish her sentence, Lucian interrupted, “Catalina, bring Essie upstairs.”

Catalina hurried toward Lucian and reached out to carry Estella.

Considering how hard Estella had been crying earlier on, Catalina didn’t know if Estella would allow being carried away.

Fortunately, Estella was sick of Sonya’s complaints. When she saw Catalina reaching out to her, she immediately leaped into Catalina’s embrace.

Catalina couldn’t help feeling helpless and heartbroken when she felt Estella sobbing silently in her arms. This is obviously an issue among adults. Why did they have to drag Ms. Estella into it?

Sonya was startled by Lucian’s aura, and she ended up stunned for a few seconds. She only regained her composure after Catalina brought Estella upstairs. It’s so obvious that Lucian doesn’t want Essie to hear our conversation after this.

Sonya’s expression turned increasingly grim by the second.

“Shouldn’t Essie know about it as well? Why did you ask Catalina to bring her upstairs? Are you going to hide the truth from Essie forever? You can only keep her in the dark for so long. Don’t you think once Essie grows up she’s going to find out that the woman she’s so in love with is the same woman who abandoned her after giving birth to her? Do you think she’ll be able to accept it?”

Sonya’s stubbornness was giving Lucian a headache. “As I said, there must be some misunderstandings. I just haven’t figured it out yet.”

As soon as those words fell, he heard his mother speaking those usual prejudiced words. “What misunderstandings are you talking about? What lies before our eyes is the truth! Unlike Roxanne, Aubree—”

“I’ll judge Aubree on my own,” Lucian interrupted coldly. If I let her continue talking, she’s only going to talk about how great Aubree is.

Sonya frowned, and she wanted to continue talking. However, she quickly noticed the change in Lucian’s aura.

Lucian stared at her with a grim expression and said, “How about you? You knew about Essie’s condition, but you still used extreme means to take her away from Roxanne. Have you ever considered that Essie’s condition may deteriorate at any time?”

When Sonya was at Roxanne’s, she had heard something similar from her, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Perhaps Sonya just didn’t want to accept the fact that Roxanne cared about Estella.

Evidently, Sonya only felt guilty for her actions when she heard Lucian mentioning it.

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