Mission To Remarry Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Deal With The Marriage Contract

Archie and Benny had only addressed Sonya as grandma out of politeness, but in the next instant, Sonya snapped, “You two don’t belong to the Farwell family, so you shouldn’t be calling me that! If you want to see your grandma, ask your mom to take you to her!”

Having said that, Sonya was about to walk around them and leave. Archie and Benny felt dejected and pained to hear Sonya scold them and deny their relationship. But upon hearing Estella’s wails get louder, they regained their senses and stood before Sonya, gritting their teeth.

Seeing Archie and Benny blocking her way, Sonya furrowed her brows, irritated by their persistence.

“We won’t call you Grandma anymore, but it’s obvious Essie doesn’t want to leave. You can’t force her! You also know about her situation. She can’t continue crying like this!” the two said stubbornly.

“Mind your own business! I will naturally take care of my granddaughter well!” Sonya replied icily before turning to speak to Roxanne. “Control your sons. Tell them to stop blocking my way!”

Seeing Archie and Benny argue with Sonya while she stood in her original spot, Roxanne felt touched.

My heart aches too when I see Essie crying so badly. But as Sonya said, Essie belongs to the Farwell family, so I have no reason to stop Sonya. However, even Archie and Benny have stepped forward. I cannot stand idly by any longer. Moreover, Sonya is treating Estella in such a manner. I wonder how Archie and Benny would feel if they knew their biological grandmother had been refusing to acknowledge them as her grandsons. I would feel aggrieved too if I were in their shoes.

“Although Archie and Benny are not part of the Farwell family, they are just as concerned about Essie as you!” Roxanne walked forward and pulled Archie and Benny behind her. “Essie is crying so badly. If you really care about her, have you considered the consequences of her crying like this?”

Roxanne’s and her sons’ words rendered Sonya speechless. After a brief pause, Sonya replied impatiently, “I will bear responsibility for my own granddaughter. There’s no need for you to worry!”

If not for these three, Essie wouldn’t be crying this badly! Sonya glowered at Roxanne. “Nothing will happen to Essie if you stay away from her!”

“Ms. Jarvis…” Estella cried, gasping for air in Sonya’s arms. Roxanne’s heart clenched painfully. She wanted to hug and comfort Estella. However, under such circumstances, she knew it was impossible for her to do so.

Sonya glanced at Archie and Benny who were standing behind Roxanne. “Ms. Jarvis, you’re a mother of two. Lucian already has Essie and will be marrying Aubree in the future. I hope you have some self-respect.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne, Archie, and Benny froze. Lucian had told them he would be pursuing Roxanne and would settle the issue regarding Aubree. They never asked him how he would deal with that marriage contract afterward.

Little did they expect to hear this from Sonya. The matter they had almost forgotten came rushing back to their heads because of Sonya.

At that moment, they were all dumbstruck. Sonya shot them one last icy glare before striding toward her car with Estella in her arms. Soon, Estella’s cries were muffled as the car door closed.

By the time Roxanne snapped back to reality, Sonya’s car had already sped off.

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