Mission To Remarry Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Are You Feeling Better Now

Roxanne was preparing lunch with the kids when the doorbell to their mansion rang. Believing it might be Lucian wanting to see the children or Madilyn coming to ask her about the progress, Roxanne did not think much and put down her things to open the door.

Upon opening the door and seeing who was behind it, she suddenly froze. “It’s been a while,” Sonya began, looking Roxanne up and down.

Roxanne regained her senses, and lowering her eyes, she greeted, “Mrs. Farwell.” Sonya hummed coldly in response. “Is this how you treat your guests? Having them stand at the door?”

Furrowing her brows, Roxanne gazed at Sonya cautiously as she remembered clearly what Sonya had done to the research institute.

We haven’t met since then. I wonder why she came to see me today. Moreover, Essie is here. Last time, Sonya destroyed the research institute because I got too close to Essie. I’m afraid of what she will do if she sees Essie here. But perhaps Sonya already knew, and that’s why she’s here.

At that thought, Roxanne stepped aside to let Sonya in. “Please.” Sonya strode in and looked around the living room. “Where’s Essie?”

Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat. Indeed, she came because she knew Essie was here. Before she could reply, the three kids had already run out of the kitchen.

Thinking that Lucian was here, they all beamed happily, but the smiles on their faces froze at the same time when they saw the person sitting on the couch.

“Grandma…” Estella called out hesitantly. I remember Grandma doesn’t like Ms. Jarvis. Moreover, the expression on Grandma’s face doesn’t look good.

Sonya hurriedly looked Estella up and down at the sight of her. Only when confirming Estella was unharmed did she sigh in relief. “Essie, come to Grandma,” she said, waving to Estella.

Estella stared at Sonya hesitantly and did not move. “Come here now,” Sonya repeated, frowning before shooting Roxanne a look of displeasure. She thought Roxanne was the reason for Estella’s disobedience.

Noticing the look Sonya shot Roxanne, Estella slowly walked over, afraid Sonya would take her anger out on Roxanne. Sonya carried Estella into her arms and examined the latter carefully again. “I heard you were sick. Are you feeling better now?”

Estella glanced at Roxanne. Smiling comfortingly at Estella, Roxanne replied warmly, “Essie rested for a week and is much better now.”

Immediately, Sonya announced in a voice that allowed no disagreement, “Since you’re feeling much better now, come home with me.” Upon hearing that, Estella furrowed her brows, reluctance written on her face.

Sonya understood what Estella was thinking and knew she wouldn’t be able to convince the child, so she looked in Roxanne’s direction.

“I heard from Lucian that Essie recovered well thanks to your care. Since she’s all right now, I want to take her home. You have no objections, right?”

There was not a hint of gratitude in her voice. Roxanne was the reason Estella got sick in the first place. And in Sonya’s opinion, it was expected for Roxanne, Estella’s biological mother, to take care of Estella while she was sick.

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