Mission To Remarry Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Painkillers

Early on, Archie mentioned that there was something wrong with his water, and Roxanne had indeed detected a faint smell that usually occurred only when a certain type of bacteria was mixed with water.

However, the problem was that it was a type of bacteria that only survived under laboratory conditions. The fact that it was found in the wilderness meant that someone must have intentionally placed it there.

As such, the first thing Roxanne did was to check if there was anyone else around. However, she had a clear view of the entire field. Apart from them, there was no one else.

Due to that, Roxanne assumed it was a coincidence that the water had such a smell and not because the bacteria were actually present.

Little did she expect that someone had added the bacteria to the kids’ water. Roxanne’s heart clenched when she thought about the symptoms one would experience after ingesting the bacteria.

“Mommy, it hurts so much…” Benny muttered, grabbing his mother’s hand. He had finally caved in, unable to hold on any longer.

The boy held Roxanne’s hand briefly before letting it go as he was so weak from the pain that he barely had any strength left.

Roxanne was heartbroken when she saw Benny’s hand falling to the ground. She picked up the boy’s hand and stroked it gently while mumbling, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I will cure you guys soon.”

The woman had come across patients who were infected with the same bacteria during clinical trials. She had seen adults tossing and turning in bed due to the unbearable pain, and some had even passed out.

The pain was hard to bear even for fully-grown adults, not to mention two young kids.

At the thought of the suffering the children were going through at that moment, Roxanne felt so anguished that she could hardly breathe.

Noticing that his mother was starting to panic, Archie reached out and held the woman’s other hand.

“Mommy, should we feed Benny and Essie some medicine?”

Even though the boy was still young, he was extremely mature and sensible for his age.

Archie was also experiencing discomfort in his stomach, but he still found it bearable.

Although he was worried about his siblings, he knew that being anxious would not help.

Given that his mother was already very distressed, if he started panicking as well, no one would be calm enough to keep the situation under control.

With her son’s reminder, Roxanne regained her composure and started rummaging through the medical kit.

She remembered that there was no cure for that species of bacteria in modern medicine.

Hence, they could only rely on traditional medicine.

Nevertheless, modern medicine could help to alleviate their pain temporarily. It was just that very strong painkillers had to be administered, and such painkillers were usually not found in standard first-aid kits.

After all, if one was in so much pain that they had to take those painkillers, it would be absolutely necessary for them to go to the hospital.

After searching for a while, Roxanne was still unable to find what she was looking for and had no choice but to give up finding it.

Meanwhile, Benny and Estella were still rolling on the ground in pain.

Estella was crying silently with her lips pressed together.

Despite being in so much pain, she was still thinking about others and feeling worried that her discomfort would affect the others’ camping experience.

Roxanne’s heart clenched when she noticed how hard the little girl was trying to endure. Even her fingers were trembling.

“Archie, can you handle the herbs for me please?”

Archie agreed without hesitation.

The boy had spent most of his time by Roxanne’s side while growing up, and more than half the time, he was with her in the research institute.

As such, he was very familiar with the handling of traditional medicinal herbs.

After washing the herbs, Archie removed the damaged leaves, only leaving the healthy leaves and the dark green stem.

Roxanne removed two leaves from the stem and picked up some of the common medicinal herbs from her medical kit before she headed into the tent to look for something else.

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