Mission To Remarry Chapter 937

Chapter 937 My Tummy Hurts

“Mommy, did this cup get contaminated?” Archie inquired in puzzlement. Hearing her son’s voice, Roxanne snapped back to her senses and flashed him a reassuring smile. “No, something must’ve fallen in it. I’ll get you another cup of water.”

She caressed the boy’s head and got up to toss the water. After that, she refilled the cup. However, Archie refused to drink anything. Regardless if something fell in it or something was wrong with the water, the boy was traumatized.

As such, Roxanne didn’t pressure him but passed him a bottle of mineral water from her bag instead. Only then was Archie willing to gulp down the water.

Meanwhile, Benny and Estella had already finished their water. Their eyes were fixed on the pebbles that the latter had laid out on the ground.

Roxanne didn’t interrupt the two and only instructed her oldest son, “Archie, take care of Benny and Estella. I’ll go pick some medicinal herbs.”

Since it was still early, she wanted to take advantage of the daylight to gather more herbs.

Archie bobbed his head in response.

After watching his mother walk into the distance, he squatted down and joined the two little ones in observing the pebbles.

All of a sudden, Estella furrowed her brows and clutched her stomach, groaning.

A hint of worry glinted in Archie’s eyes as he looked at the little girl. “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”

Estella looked delicate, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this was the first time she’d been so active.

However, she shook her head as her frown deepened. “My tummy hurts…”

Archie couldn’t help but worry about her well-being after hearing that. “I’ll go get Mommy!” he declared.

It doesn’t matter if something happens to Benny or me, but Essie’s so weak and delicate. If she gets sick, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Getting to his feet, he was about to go look for his mother at the place where they found the medicinal herbs when Estella tugged at the hem of his pants.

Puzzled, he lowered his head.

“I must’ve laughed too hard earlier,” said the girl.

She didn’t want Roxanne to worry, so she endured the pain in her stomach and forced herself to smile.

Even so, Archie wasn’t entirely convinced by her.

She seems to be in extreme pain…

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine in a bit,” she reassured him again, determined not to put a damper on Roxanne’s and the boys’ mood.

Upon hearing that, Archie pondered for a while before resuming a squatting position.

At the same time, Benny also experienced the same symptoms as Estella.

He, too, suddenly developed a stomachache, but he chalked it up to catching a cold and endured the pain in silence.

When he heard that Estella was having a stomachache, he cast her a look of concern, but it didn’t take long for the pain in his stomach to grow even more intense.

Benny was about to tell his older brother about it when he noticed the water stains next to Estella’s feet.

He then looked up and realized that the little girl was secretly crying.

“What’s wrong, Essie?”

Concerned about her well-being, Benny endured his discomfort and leaned toward Estella.

Estella couldn’t hold back anymore and gazed up at the boy with teary eyes. “My tummy hurts so much…”

Sniffing remorsefully, she went on, “It’s all my fault. Ms. Jarvis, Archie, and you could’ve enjoyed the day, but I’m in so much pain.”

Benny wanted to console her, but all of a sudden, he felt a sharp pang of pain that rendered him unable to speak.

Upon noticing that the two of them had collapsed to the ground, Archie ran over frantically. His voice was laced with panic and worry as he called out to them, “Benny, Essie!”

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