Mission To Remarry Chapter 935

Chapter 935 Enjoying Themselves To The Fullest

Aubree quickly grew impatient as the group of four didn’t return to their tent even after a long while. She whipped out her phone and sent the private detective a message: Where are you?

Logically, he should have arrived before her, but Aubree hadn’t noticed anyone else around when she scanned her surroundings earlier.

Where on earth did he go? What a useless man! She furrowed her brows in dismay. Seconds later, her phone screen lit up with a response from the private detective: Look up.

The puzzled woman lifted her head and noticed that the leaves of a nearby tree appeared to be rustling. In the next second, she caught sight of a camera flash.

Aubree frowned in displeasure and lowered her head as she typed a reply: Keep a close eye on them! Take pictures if anything strange happens and send them to me.

The private detective assented without hesitation. After that, Aubree cast one last glance in the direction of Roxanne and her kids before slowly driving away.

If it was possible, she’d love to see Roxanne and her kids writhing in pain with her own eyes, but alas, the place she was at was not inconspicuous enough.

There was a chance she might be discovered if she continued to stay there, and if that happened, she’d end up losing more than she gained.

Thankfully, Aubree had hired the private detective, who would later capture the family’s suffering for her.

Just imagining how Roxanne and the children would feel after drinking the water was enough to spark a sense of elation within Aubree.

She had someone procure a new bacterium so that she could teach Roxanne a lesson.

It was a newly discovered bacteria, so there was no cure for it yet.

That didn’t matter to Aubree, for she wanted nothing more than to see them dead.

Unfortunately, the bacteria would only bring them extreme pain and wasn’t capable of killing them.

Although it wasn’t enough for Aubree to quell her hatred, it could still bring about a great deal of suffering for Roxanne and her family.

“I’d like to see how you’ll be able to save them this time!”

An insidious glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes.

As long as she drinks that water, that wretched woman will have trouble saving herself!

Meanwhile, Roxanne remained oblivious to what Aubree had done, and the children were still enjoying themselves to the fullest.

In the beginning, Archie and Benny were in cahoots with one another and stood against their sister, splashing her with water.

After Roxanne left, the boy’s alliance didn’t last long, and they ended up splitting up. The children formed three factions and drenched each other in water with little regard for who they were up against.

Some of the water got on Roxanne, bringing about a cooling sensation when it hit her skin.

It was rare to see the children indulging themselves in fun, so she said nothing and allowed them to play to their hearts’ content.

Influenced by the boys, Estella carefully inched her way toward the stream, wanting to get in the water as well.

Upon seeing this, Archie and Benny instantly stopped what they were doing and walked toward their sister. They each held out a hand, wanting to hold her steady.

Unexpectedly, they were hit in the face by a wave of water.

The boys couldn’t react in time, and the wave sent them slipping and falling into the stream.

However, it didn’t take long for them to get back on their feet since they knew how to swim.

Roxanne thought the boys would be frightened after the stumble, so she got up to go to them.

To her surprise, she heard the children’s laughter in the next second.

Archie and Benny couldn’t help laughing at how pathetic the other looked, and an amused Estella was bent over laughing as well.

However, the sudden wave instilled some worry in the boys’ hearts, and they decided against letting their sister join them in the water.

They then stopped playing with water and squatted down to look for pebbles instead. From time to time, they tried to catch some fish with their hands.

Despite feeling disappointed, Estella didn’t let it bother her as she enjoyed herself more than anything. The obedient little girl knelt by the shore and watched as the boys attempted to fish with their hands.

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