Mission To Remarry Chapter 934

Chapter 934 What She Was Capable Of

Looking at the figures, Aubree narrowed her eyes as she subconsciously tightened her grip around the vial she’d gotten from the man. Meanwhile, Roxanne remained oblivious of Aubree’s presence.

Just after lunch, the afternoon sun bathed the land in its warm light. The kids didn’t feel sleepy at all. Quite the opposite, they felt hot due to the rising temperature.

Roxanne scanned her surroundings before bringing them toward the waterfall, where the group was instantly greeted by a pleasantly cool breeze. Even Roxanne couldn’t help but let out a satisfied sigh.

“Ah!” All of a sudden, Estella ran and hid behind the woman’s back. Roxanne lowered her head, confused.

All she could see was Archie and Benny, both barefooted in the stream, splashing water toward the little girl.

When they noticed Estella was hiding behind their mother, the two little boys instantly stopped what they were doing, feeling a tad guilty over their actions.

Roxanne had observed the topography earlier. Although they were at a waterfall, the flow of the water—which only reached the boy’s calves—was slow.

Since the kids knew how to swim, she wasn’t too concerned about an accident happening. For that reason, Roxanne didn’t say anything else and merely directed Estella to stand next to her.

“You’re doomed for splashing water on Essie!” She then squatted down and began splashing water at the two boys.

Seeing that their mother wasn’t angry, they regained their enthusiasm and began to play. Estella was soon influenced by them and participated in the fun.

Alas, Roxanne’s energy was limited. After playing with them for a while, she retreated to the side and watched over the kids while taking pictures of them.

The atmosphere was lively and cheerful. Estella had a smile on her face the entire time, and the children’s tinkling laughter echoed throughout the waterfall.

The sound of it made Roxanne smile as well. Over on the road, Aubree had been hiding in wait all the while.

Seeing that they weren’t going to return to the tent anytime soon, she got out of her car and inched closer toward the tent, being extremely careful not to make any noise.

As soon as she got to the tent, she caught sight of a couple of cups that were on the ground. Roxanne had prepared them for the children so they could drink out of them.

The children had felt thirsty during the barbecue, so they had filled their cups with water.

At the moment, there was still some leftover in the cups. A menacing glint flashed across Aubree’s eyes when she saw that.

She glanced toward the waterfall, and upon noticing no one was paying attention to her, she took a deep breath and shifted her gaze toward the vial in her hand.

A moment later, Aubree made up her mind and opened the vial in one swift move. She then poured all of its contents into the cups.

In a matter of minutes, she completed what she came here to do.

The water resembled its original appearance, and besides herself, Aubree was confident that no one else would know that it had been tampered with.

Her gaze was icy as she glanced at the happy group.

This time, she was determined to let them know what she was capable of.

Once that was done, Aubree quietly left the tent and returned to her car. However, she didn’t drive off right away, for she wanted to see Roxanne and the little brats drink the water.

Several flashes of light went off in the woods after Aubree got into her car.

The private detective had been taking pictures of her from the moment she stepped out of her car and went toward the tent.

As such, all of her actions were captured on camera.

After that, the private detective examined all of the pictures that were taken.

The corner of his lips curled up into a smile when he confirmed that all of his pictures were crystal clear.

With these pictures as a bargaining chip, he needn’t worry that Aubree would try to get out of paying him.

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