Mission To Remarry Chapter 933

Chapter 933 A Harmonious Atmosphere

Estella was confused, but she still smiled innocently, for she knew Roxanne was praising her. The former then retracted her hand obediently.

Subsequently, Roxanne took out the tools she had prepared and carefully scooped out the yellow flower along with its roots.

Estella cocked her head to one side, confused by what she saw. “For medicinal herbs like this, we need to preserve their roots as well,” Roxanne explained patiently.

Hearing that, the girl nodded even though she did not understand Roxanne’s words completely. Now that Estella knew Roxanne was looking for that kind of flower, the former quickly got up and scoured the area.

It did not take long for Estella to find a huge area of it, so Roxanne collected a few more to be preserved. Soon, noon arrived. The children were clearly hungry because their pace had slowed.

Noting that, Roxanne brought them back to the tent to prepare food for them. She had woken up early that morning to prepare a various selection of food for the children.

The sight of the children feasting on the plates of food she prepared made her beam. “Essie, this is for you,” said Benny while taking out some sweets from his bag.

Estella smiled from ear to ear as she accepted the sweets. “Thank you, Benny.”

Similarly, Archie retrieved some snacks from his bag and piled them in front of Estella.

What on earth was Daddy even thinking? He only prepared tools but no food for Essie. Good thing we thought ahead and prepared some for her.

Realizing the children were going to be full from the snacks, Roxanne hurriedly stopped them, saying, “Slow down on the snacks. I’m making barbeque for you kids.”

As soon as the children heard the word “barbeque,” they immediately put down their snacks and fixed their gazes on the grilling rack Roxanne was holding.

The way they gaped at the food as if they were close to drooling amused Roxanne.

However, the boys quickly snapped out of it and went over to help her.

Meanwhile, Estella did not know what to do, so she obeyed the boys’ orders and washed the vegetables.

Soon, the ingredients were ready, and Roxanne began grilling them.

A delicious aroma instantly permeated the air.

The children’s eyes looked as if they were sparkling as they sat around Roxanne and waited for the food to be ready.

Noting their anticipation, Roxanne quickened her movements in order to not let the children wait too long.

Not long after, a plate of mutton skewers was served.

Archie and Benny immediately reached out and gave one to Estella.

Accepting the skewer, Estella darted her eyes from the aromatic mutton skewer to Roxanne, who was still grilling food for them.

“Ms. Jarvis!” Estella called out, bringing the skewer to Roxanne’s lips and gazing at the latter with sparkling eyes.

Roxanne’s heart melted when she saw the skewer suddenly appear in front of her. “Thank you, Essie.”

Only after Estella had finished feeding Roxanne did she take another skewer from the boys, devouring it.

The atmosphere was harmonious as the four chatted and joked with each other.

Meanwhile, a black car slowly pulled up on the road a distance away from the field.

Sitting in it was a furious Aubree, who watched the interactions between the four through the window.

Any stranger would think they’re a family if they see this. That b*tch, Roxanne! How dare she says she has no intentions of going back to the Farwell family? That’s impossible. If that’s true, why is Roxanne treating Essie so well when she doesn’t know who her biological mother is?

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