Mission To Remarry Chapter 932

Chapter 932 Essie Is Pretty

“What is…” Estella carefully placed the wreath in her hand and shot Roxanne a delighted look. Smiling, Roxanne patted Estella’s head and said, “It looks a little funny because I haven’t made one in a long time.”

In response, Estella shook her head fervently. “I love it!” As if to prove how much she loved it, Estella placed it gently in front of her and began drawing it.

Seeing that, Roxanne and the boys scooted over curiously, only to be shocked by Estella’s drawing, which was slowly becoming complete.

Her previous drawing of the plants was rather decent, though her brushstrokes were a little childish.

However, her drawing of the wreath was unbelievable. In fact, it almost looked real. “Essie, you’re amazing!” Benny breathed.

Roxanne, too, smiled and nodded in agreement. By the time Estella was done with the drawing, Benny could not help but ask, “Essie, have you taken art classes before?”

However, Estella shook her head in confusion. The look of surprise in Benny’s eyes only intensified. However, Roxanne suddenly thought of something, and her heart went out to the little girl.

Maybe her artistic skills have something to do with her autism. All autistic children always have some kind of surprising talent.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne patted Estella’s head while feeling sorry for the latter.

Unaware of what was on Roxanne’s mind, Estella innocently showed the woman her drawing. “I’ll keep it well!”

The flower wreath would not last, but she could take good care of the drawing.

Roxanne’s heart softened when she saw Estella still wearing the shell bracelet she gifted her back then. “I’ll help you preserve the wreath when we get back.”

Upon hearing that, Estella looked up at Roxanne with surprise.

Roxanne merely smiled. There were many chemicals in the research institute that could be used to preserve plants.

When Estella saw the smile on Roxanne’s face, she grinned wider.

Archie hurriedly took out his camera and took a picture of the duo.

Noticing that, Roxanne extended her hand, gesturing for Archie to show her the picture.

Hence, Archie obediently placed the camera in her hand.

Roxanne lowered her gaze to look at the picture, and Estella scooted over as well.

“Essie!” shrieked Estelle excitedly when she saw her face in the picture.

Roxanne’s gaze softened when she saw the picture of Estella. “You’re really pretty, Essie.”

The praise made Estella smile wider.

After sitting there for some time, Roxanne brought the children further.

When they exited the car earlier, Roxanne realized the field nearby had a type of rare medicinal herb.

Therefore, she decided to bring them there to play while she looked for the herb.

The three children walked ahead of her, skipping happily along the way.

Meanwhile, Estella had stopped drawing. She carefully placed the wreath on her head and marched ahead, paying attention to the ground where she stepped.

She, too, wanted to find some pretty flowers to make a wreath for Roxanne.

Suddenly, Estella found something. She squatted and called out to Roxanne, “Ms. Jarvis, what flower is this?”

Hearing Estella calling out to her, Roxanne strode over and looked in the same direction. Immediately, her eyes lit up.

Just as Estella was about to pluck it, Roxanne hurriedly held the former’s hand. “This is a valuable medicinal herb. I’ve been looking for it for some time. Thanks to you, Essie, I finally found it!”

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