Mission To Remarry Chapter 930

Chapter 930 Let Us Use Them

The camping location Roxanne had picked was in the suburbs near a mountain. It was a two-hour drive from the city, so they only arrived when it was close to noon.

When Roxanne got out of the car, she could not help but sigh in awe while scanning the surroundings. The two-hour drive was worth it.

Their camping location was on a lush field with tiny flowers growing all over the place. Roxanne had purposely chosen a wider area to set up their tent. There was also a little forest not far from their spot.

The vegetation in the forest was denser, and rabbits would hop out and encircle their visitors from time to time.

On the other side was a tiny waterfall, and thanks to the moving water, the surrounding air was quite refreshing and cool.

The gurgling sound of water also created a serene vibe. It could not be a more suitable camping site. Happiness was written all over the children’s faces.

“It’s so beautiful!” Estella gazed at the scenery, forgetting all the unhappy events that happened that morning. Archie and Benny looked astounded as well.

Mommy always manages to find great places like this. It’s way better than the places we’ve camped at in other countries. “Run along and play. I’ll set the tent up.”

With that, Roxanne took out the camping equipment from the car and began setting up the tent. Upon hearing that, Archie and Benny raised their hands. “We’ll help you!”

After all, they had been on many camping trips with her; they were capable of helping her set up the equipment. Roxanne did not refuse their offer. She then handed them the tent’s corners and let the boys help her fix them.

As someone with no experience and little strength, Estella could only watch them curiously from the side and give them words of encouragement.

Roxanne was amused by how intrigued Estella looked. Not long after, the tent was up. Roxanne then brought the children’s suitcases over and took out their things.

She had packed some food, toys, and clothes for her and the boys. Her preparations were simple yet complete.

After arranging their items, Roxanne returned to the car to retrieve Estella’s suitcase. Sure enough, Estella’s suitcase was heavier than theirs.

Roxanne could not help but wonder what Lucian had packed for Estella. Feeling curious, the three children crowded around Roxanne as they watched her open the suitcase.

All of them were dumbfounded the moment they saw its contents. Even Roxanne was at a loss for words when she saw the batteries, flashlight, and other equipment.

I’m only taking them out to have fun, but he’s packing for Estella as if they’re going on an adventure.

“What’s this?” asked Estella curiously.

She, too, realized the contents of her suitcase differed from the others.

Feeling speechless, Roxanne shifted her gaze from the professional equipment to the simple things she had prepared for the boys.

Meanwhile, Benny finally snapped out of his shock and exclaimed, “This is so cool!”

Archie and Benny had fancied things like that since young, but it was their first time seeing it at a campsite.

“Mommy, let’s use them!” suggested the boys enthusiastically.

Roxanne looked at the boy’s excited faces and then at the items in her hand. Though she hesitated for a moment, she still agreed to their request.

Naturally, they had no use for the flashlight for the time being.

Thus, Roxanne took out the batteries and made a simple stove using the things Lucian packed. She was planning to use it to prepare a barbeque for lunch.

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