Mission To Remarry Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Teach Them A Lesson

Roxanne helped the children into the car and drove slowly out of the manor. At the same time, a skinny man leaped down the big tree in front of the manor’s entrance with a camera in his hand.

After watching Roxanne’s car drive away, he casually entered his car in a corner and started the engine while unlocking his phone.

Half an hour later, Aubree, who had just awakened, habitually retrieved her phone and saw the text on her screen. It was from the private detective she sent to spy on Roxanne.

That got rid of her sleepiness instantly. She quickly sat up and opened the text. A few overhead-shot pictures came into view.

In the pictures, Roxanne could be seen carrying a tiny suitcase out of the mansion with three children following behind her.

The suitcase was pink, which obviously meant it was Estella’s. However, it was hard to guess what was inside.

In the next picture, Roxanne and the children could be seen arriving beside the car. She had opened the trunk to reveal its contents.

Noting that, Aubree zoomed in on the pictures, unwilling to miss out on a single detail.

It was after some time that she spotted something that looked like a tent. As she scanned the other items, she realized the trunk was packed with camping equipment.

Frowning, Aubree texted for clarification: What are they doing?

The private detective replied while driving: I think I heard something about camping.

A grim look spread across Aubree’s face when she read his reply.

Looks like the bacterium incident didn’t teach her a lesson. She still dares to be so close to Roxanne!

The more she stared at the smiling faces in the picture, the darker her expression became.

She texted: Follow them. Tell me their location once you know where they are.

The private detective quickly agreed to her orders.

Aubree’s gaze was unusually cold as she studied the pictures over and over again.

Lucian was nowhere to be seen, but that did not mean he would not be hanging out with them.

Perhaps he was going there separately.

Aubree had no doubt that Lucian valued Estella and had feelings for Roxanne.

The thought of the quintet enjoying themselves at the campsite filled her with crazed fury.

B*tch! The mother and daughter are both b*tches! If not for them, I would’ve been Lucian’s wife long ago. This is unacceptable. I must teach these two a lesson!

As that thought crossed her mind, she subconsciously tightened her grip around her phone so hard that her hand trembled.

Moments later, Aubree forcefully recomposed herself. Glancing at her phone, which was covered in sweat, she dialed a number, her face expressionless.

After giving her instructions to the other person, she hung up and exited the room.

Upon seeing Aubree descending the stairs, Gina, who was downstairs, called out to Aubree to have breakfast. However, the former seemed to be oblivious to Gina’s voice as she walked straight out of the mansion.

An uneasy feeling crept into Gina’s heart as she watched her daughter leave.

Meanwhile, Aubree started the car engine and drove toward the agreed location.

Along the way, her phone that was placed beside her lit up.

She glanced at it, only to find an address from the private detective.

The rage in her eyes intensified as soon as she read the address, and she slammed her foot on the gas pedal.

In less than half an hour, Aubree suddenly stopped her car at a remote intersection.

After stepping out, she took a vial from a man at the intersection, returned to her vehicle, and drove off to the address sent to her phone earlier.

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