Mission To Remarry Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Leaving In A Hurry

The next day, Estella got out of bed and waited outside Lucian’s room. She still wanted to convince him to go camping with them.

When Lucian opened the door and was about to leave the room, he noticed the girl was standing right before him. Needless to say, Lucian knew her motive.

Instead of giving her a chance to speak, he said, “Come. Let’s go and have breakfast. Ms. Jarvis should be arriving shortly.”

The girl shook her head, but before she could say something, Lucian interrupted again. “I need to go to the office now. You must obey Ms. Jarvis, okay? Call me if you need anything.”

Before Estella could open her mouth and speak, he immediately walked past her and went downstairs.

Meanwhile, Catalina was preparing breakfast for them in the dining area.

When she saw him walking to the door, she asked in concern, “Breakfast’s ready, Mr. Farwell. Would you like to eat some before leaving?”

Lucian continued walking. “I have to leave now. Remember to open the door for Ms. Jarvis later. She’ll be picking up Essie.”

Catalina knitted her brows. She wanted him to stay for breakfast, but he had already put on his shoes and seemed in a hurry to leave the house.

She looked at his back and wondered if he was running away from something or someone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be leaving the house in such a hurry.

While she was still trying to process her thoughts, Estella came downstairs.

Catalina immediately came to her senses. She walked the girl to the dining table and had breakfast with her.

Before they could take more than a couple of bites, the video intercom started ringing.

Catalina remembered what Lucian said earlier and immediately opened the door.

Roxanne and the two boys were standing in front of the entrance.

Catalina greeted her politely, “Good morning, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne nodded in response before taking a sidelong glance at the living hall. It was as if she was looking for someone.

Realization finally dawned on Catalina. She looked at Roxanne and uttered, “Mr. Farwell left early this morning. He told me you’ll be fetching Ms. Estella.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne heaved a silent sigh of relief.

She had been overwhelmed by anxiety when approaching the Farwell residence, as she did not know how to face Lucian.

She was unsure if the man would join the trip as she did not ask about it yesterday, but she knew she might end up running away had he decided to go. Thank God he’s not coming with us.

Estella ran to the door upon hearing Roxanne’s voice. “Good morning, Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne leaned down and stroked her head. “Do you have everything prepared, Essie?”

The girl nodded at first but shook her head a few seconds later.

Her reaction confused Roxanne.

“I didn’t prepare them. Daddy did,” Estella explained in an adorable voice.

Lucian had prepared the camping gear for Estella and told her to go through the items, but she had not paid much attention to them.

Roxanne, too, did not seem to worry because she had everything packed. Nothing would go wrong even if the little girl missed bringing a thing or two.

“Have you taken your breakfast, Ms. Jarvis? Come join us if you’ve not eaten,” Catalina invited her to the dining table.

Roxanne grinned. “No, thank you. I bought some snacks for breakfast. The kids can eat them during the journey to the campsite.”

She then lowered her head to ask if Estella was happy with the breakfast arrangement.

Estella nodded without thinking twice. “I’ll have breakfast in the car too!”

As a first-time camper, Estella was eager to have the full experience.

Catalina did not say anything after that. She went upstairs, brought down the camping gear Lucian had prepared for Estella, and bade them farewell.

Roxanne could not help but wonder what was in the suitcase when carrying it to the car trunk.

Somehow, she felt the camping gear Lucian prepared for Estella was particularly heavy. Is it me, or is the suitcase overloaded?

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