Mission To Remarry Chapter 905

Chapter 905 A Fire

Still, Madilyn did not ask about it in the end, and since it was already late, she decided to take her leave.

Roxanne was drained, so she went to bed early that night.

The next morning, Roxanne was woken up by her ringing phone.

She then forced her eyes open to check the time and realized there were ten minutes left before her alarm went off at seven.

Wondering what the phone call was about, Roxanne sat up to wake herself further before answering the call. “What’s up, Dr. Galloway?”

“The research institute is on fire!” exclaimed Colby nervously.

Roxanne was completely awake the moment she heard that. “I’ll be right over!”

“Hear me out first. I’ve already contacted the fire department, so the firefighters are on their way,” added Colby.

However, Roxanne did not hear that because she had already hung up. After washing up, she rushed to the institute without even putting any makeup on.

Roxanne would hate for anything to happen to the medicinal herbs she had just placed there the day before.

Now that Herbscape Group has been seized, it’ll be difficult to find a medicinal herb supplier again if I lose those medicinal herbs. With that thought in mind, Roxanne anxiously sped up her car.

The firefighters were already doing their best to put out the fire when she arrived at the scene.

“You’re here,” greeted Colby, who hurried over to Roxanne as soon as he saw her.

After nodding in response, Roxanne had her eyes fixed on the location on fire. “What’s the situation now? Did they find out what caused the fire?”

Not only was the institute filled with many medicinal herbs, but it also had numerous flammable materials.

Hence, those working there had always been vigilant with fire prevention efforts.

Roxanne had never heard of any fire incident involving the institute, so she wondered how the fire could have started.

Colby had a strange look in his eyes before he quickly put his thoughts aside and pretended to be collected. “We haven’t got the time to investigate yet. I came in early today and was surprised to smell something burning inside when I was unlocking the door. The fire was already burning vigorously when I got in, so I quickly called the fire department before calling you.”

After the explanation, Colby ventured a guess with furrowed eyebrows. “It’s probably caused by a misplaced item. I should’ve checked everything before leaving yesterday.”

When Roxanne saw how Colby blamed himself for the incident, she suppressed her anxiousness to comfort him. “It wasn’t your fault. After all, nobody could’ve seen this coming.”

The fire captain walked out after he and the other firefighters managed to de-escalate the situation, so Roxanne hurriedly approached him.

Colby still had more to say, but the woman before him was already gone.

Staring blankly at where Roxanne stood, Colby seemed somewhat displeased with his face hardening.

“Hi! Is the situation serious? Do you know what caused the fire?” questioned Roxanne anxiously, standing before the captain.

After wiping the sweat off his face, the captain frowned while shaking his head. “We can’t tell just yet. It won’t be easy to find the cause since institutes like yours are usually filled with flammable materials.”

To make things worse, the materials mentioned were already reduced to ashes.

Roxanne was disappointed when she heard the reply but thanked the captain anyway. “Thank you for your help.”

To that, the captain nodded indifferently. “It’s our duty.”

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