Mission To Remarry Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Rather Disgraceful

Upon hearing her reply, Lucian snorted. “Was it not you who arranged for Archie and Benny to come over?”

Hah! She arranged for the two boys to come and placate Essie first while she spent the time with Jack!

As that possibility occurred to him, the temperature around him plummeted frightfully. “Do you find Essie all too easy to fool, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne, on the other hand, merely found him unreasonable. “I can’t do anything about it if you insist on thinking so, Mr. Farwell.”

After saying that, she struggled vigorously, hoping to go upstairs to get Archie and Benny down.

He has already made up his mind about things, so it’d be futile no matter what I say further.

Verily, she didn’t want to waste any more time. Instead, she wanted to see Estella sooner.

Sensing her aversion, the rage in Lucian’s eyes blazed all the hotter. “It was some matter related to Herbscape Group, right?”

At that remark, Roxanne abruptly stilled, shock flashing across her eyes.

All this while, Jack and Colby had been hinting to her that the trouble in Herbscape Group was Lucian’s doing.

Although she harbored some suspicions, she had been persuading herself not to simply draw conclusions before having any evidence.

However, Lucian’s tone at that moment had the scales within her start tilting.

So, he has always known about the problems plaguing Herbscape Group!

In the next second, Lucian verified her conjecture expressionlessly. “If so, I’d advise you two to stop wasting your time and energy. Sooner or later, Herbscape Group will belong to Farwell Group.”

As his words rang out, his eyes glinted dangerously.

Due to her utter shock, Roxanne’s struggles gradually ceased. Self-deprecation filled her eyes at the man’s definite tone.

Why exactly did I still convince myself not to doubt him when Jack and Colby had already made things so clear? Besides, Farwell Group is the only one with the motive and ability to do that in the whole of Horington.

“As expected of you, Mr. Farwell. Your methods in the business world are truly astounding.”

She corralled her thoughts even as her gaze dimmed and her lips curved into a self-deprecating arc.

Perceiving the peculiarity in her words, Lucian frowned. “You might as well just say it bluntly if you find my methods despicable, Ms. Jarvis.”

To him, the business world was no different from the battlefield.

If a method guarantees a win, then it’s a good one. Furthermore, I want to take this chance to teach Jack a lesson and warn him not to approach my woman. That aside, I intend to wake her up and have her consider carefully whether her work or the kids are more important!

Roxanne lifted her eyes and held his gaze. “I merely want to know one thing—why are you doing this?”

When her words drifted into the air, Lucian derisively arched a brow. “As Herbscape Group dared to breach their contract with Farwell Group, Farwell Group naturally has to teach it a lesson!”

Hearing that, Roxanne surreptitiously breathed a sigh of relief.

Jack’s words back then really left me feeling very much worried. Fortunately, Lucian’s reason is in line with my thoughts.

“Why did you think I’m doing this, Ms. Jarvis?” Lucian’s voice echoed in her ears once more.

Roxanne’s expression froze for a heartbeat, but in the next second, she remarked in feigned calmness, “I just find such a method rather disgraceful for Farwell Group.”

Having said that, she forcibly suppressed the guilt within her and turned her head to the side nonchalantly.

Lucian swept a scrutinizing gaze over her face, but she averted her face.

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