Mission To Remarry Chapter 894

Chapter 894 What Should We Do Now

“Were they wearing their watches when they left?” Madilyn, who was calmer than Roxanne, asked with a frown.

At once, a light bulb went off in Roxanne’s mind. At the same time, regret and frustration inundated her.

Too many things had happened today that everything else fled my mind when I realized that Archie and Benny had gone missing, leaving panic all that remained. Luckily, I went over to look for Madilyn!

Following Madilyn’s reminder, she called Archie and Benny without delay.

Alas, Archie didn’t answer even after a long while had passed.

She then called Benny, but still, no one picked up.

As Roxanne and Madilyn listened to the ringing tone drifting out of the phone, their hearts sank to the bottom.

There were too many reasons that Archie and Benny weren’t answering the calls.

The worst possibility flashed across their minds…

Roxanne dug her nails into her palms to force herself to remain calm. Unlocking her phone, she checked the GPS location of Archie and Benny’s watches.

Only when she saw the two tiny green dots on the screen did a sliver of relief creep into her.

Phew! Fortunately, I can still track them!

“I’ll drive.” Likewise, having seen the GPS location, Madilyn immediately started the car engine.

Roxanne nodded weakly while staring at the two tiny green dots that were seemingly overlapping, not daring to take her eyes off for even a second.

Fortunately, the two tiny green dots remained stationary. Thus, they wouldn’t have any trouble tracking Archie and Benny down.

An inexplicable sense of familiarity flooded Roxanne as she scrutinized the distance between her current location and the tiny green dots. But on second thought, she found that absurd.

In her bedroom at the Farwell residence, Estella tilted her head in puzzlement at the sight of Archie and Benny’s watches flashing incessantly.

“It seems that someone is calling you, Archie.”

Archie glanced at the caller ID before he shook his head guiltily. “No, it’s just my alarm.”

After saying that, he hid his wrist away.

Mere moments later, Benny’s watch started flashing.

Similarly, he brushed it off with the same lie.

As their watches kept flashing, Archie and Benny exchanged a look brimming with craftiness.

Mommy will definitely come looking for us according to our GPS location when we fail to pick up her calls! At that time, she’ll undoubtedly meet Mr. Farwell!

Twenty minutes later, Madilyn brought the car to a stop at the gates of the Farwell residence.

At the sight of the grand building and door plate above, her expression changed, and she instinctively cast a look at her best friend.

Roxanne’s expression was far more intriguing.

Dear Lord! My mind was truly a mess that I didn’t even realize that the GPS location was evidently the Farwell residence!

“I’ve always wanted to ask you this, Roxanne. Have Archie and Benny learned of their identities?” Madilyn couldn’t help venturing.

The instant Roxanne heard that question, her pupils abruptly constricted. A while later, she shook her head in feigned calmness.

“No. I’ve never told them about it. Even Lucian isn’t aware of that.”

They can’t possibly have learned the truth ahead of Lucian when even he has no idea about this matter.

Helplessness washed over Madilyn as she studied her best friend’s expression.

She could tell that Roxanne couldn’t be sure of the answer. Instead, the latter was merely trying to convince herself.

Nonetheless, she didn’t plan on saying anything further to put more pressure on her best friend since the latter seemed weighed down with troubles. She merely queried, “So, what should we do now?”

Hearing that, Roxanne lifted her eyes and stared at the manor gates. A glimmer of exasperation flittered across her eyes.

It’s all too clear that Archie and Benny deliberately didn’t pick up my calls, intending for me to hunt them down. But right now, I’ve got no other choice.

“Go home first. I’ll go in and have a look at things,” Roxanne murmured apologetically.

Turning, she opened the car door and alighted from the vehicle.

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