Mission To Remarry Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Stay

To her surprise, she didn’t see anyone on the intercom screen. “Who’s there?” Catalina asked in confusion. After a while, a cute voice rang out, “Hi, Ms. Catalina. We’re Archie and Benny. Can we go in to see Essie?”

As soon as those words fell, Archie and Benny stood on their toes to show two pairs of eyes on the intercom. Catalina had taken care of Archie and Benny before, so she remembered them well.

In fact, Catalina’s heart melted a little when she heard their voices. Still, she remembered to turn toward Lucian to get his permission.

Seeing that Catalina wasn’t responding, Archie and Benny added, “It’s just the two of us. Mommy isn’t here!”

Lucian and Estella heard those words loud and clear. Lucian frowned slightly and nodded at Catalina, letting her know it was okay to let the boys in.

On the other hand, Estella’s expression turned slightly gloomy. I thought Ms. Jarvis would be here as well. Since Archie and Benny are here, why didn’t Ms. Jarvis come to see me?

Seeing that the gates to the manor were slowly opening, Archie and Benny’s eyes lit up, and they breathed a long sigh of relief inwardly.

They had thought Lucian wouldn’t let them in. Luckily, Daddy let us in!

Archie and Benny were holding hands when they ran toward the main entrance.

By then, Catalina had already opened the door for them.

Archie and Benny ran straight into the living room and saw Estella sitting on Lucian’s lap.

Archie and Benny suppressed their urges to see Estella straightaway and greeted politely, “Hi, Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian then raised his gaze toward the entrance behind Archie and Benny.

Sure enough, he didn’t see Roxanne coming through the door.

Moments later, Lucian retracted his gaze and nodded at Archie and Benny indifferently. In a deep voice, he asked, “How did you guys get here?”

Archie and Benny looked at each other before replying evasively, “We hailed a taxi! The driver was kind to us.”

In fact, they were right. When they wanted to pay the taxi fare upon arrival, the driver demanded less money because they were kids. He had even waited until the boys got into the manor before leaving.

Lucian furrowed his brows when he heard the response. He then rephrased his question. “Does your mommy know you guys are here?”

Archie and Benny pretended to feel guilty and asked timidly, “Is it not okay? We were really worried about Essie.”

With that, the boys looked at Estella, who was sitting on Lucian’s lap.

Estella felt a lot better after she found out that Roxanne had asked the boys to visit her. She then turned toward Lucian and grabbed his arm. “Daddy, I want to play with Archie and Benny!”

Lucian patted Estella’s head and agreed to it, “Since your mommy knows you guys are here, stay and have fun.”

With that, Lucian set Estella down.

Estella immediately scampered toward Archie and Benny.

When she got closer to them, Archie and Benny saw Estella’s reddened eyes, and they were heartbroken. Essie must’ve cried a lot just now. Otherwise, why would her eyes be swollen and reddened?

Estella didn’t know what was on their minds, so she just grabbed their hands and said, “Let’s play upstairs!”

Archie and Benny nodded before asking for permission from Lucian politely. Seeing that Lucian had nodded back at them in response, they went upstairs with Estella.

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