Mission To Remarry Chapter 875

Chapter 875 I Am Sorry

Back at the Pearson residence, Aubree went back to her room after sending the message. She didn’t know what Sonya’s reaction would be, but she was sure Sonya’s impression of Roxanne would be completely ruined.

Gina was still sitting downstairs, wondering if she should call Sonya and add fuel to the fire. Just when she took out her phone and was about to make the call, her doorbell suddenly rang.

Gina kept her phone and went to open the door. She was surprised to see Sonya standing there. “Where’s Aubree?” Sonya smiled gently at Gina, suppressing her anger.

Only then did Gina regain her senses and realize this visit was the effect of the photos Aubree had sent, but she didn’t know what Sonya was going to say.

Gina could barely suppress the smugness in her heart. After some time, she pointed to the room upstairs and said, “She came back early in the morning and went upstairs. She seems to be in a bad mood, but I didn’t dare to ask.”

Upon hearing that, Sonya felt slightly apologetic.

Gina pretended not to know as she asked, “Did Aubree and Lucian get into a fight again? I asked her, but she wouldn’t say anything.”

Sonya forced a smile at the mention of Lucian. “As long as I’m here, I won’t let Lucian bully Aubree. Don’t worry.”

As for whether they had gotten into a fight, Sonya was hesitant to reply.

The two had barely met, and every time they did, they rarely spoke to each other.

How could they even get into a fight?

“I’ll go up to check on Aubree.” Sonya did not give Gina any opportunity to ask further and walked upstairs.

Gina agreed and followed behind Sonya.

In the room, Aubree was contemplating what else she could do with the photos when she heard a knock on her door, followed by her mother’s voice.

“Aubree, don’t be angry anymore. Mrs. Farwell is here to see you.”

Although it sounded like words of comfort, it was more of a warning, reminding Aubree what kind of attitude she should have when facing Sonya.

Aubree understood, and in a matter of seconds, she kept her phone and plastered an aggrieved expression on her face before opening the door.

“Mrs. Farwell, what brings you here?” Aubree’s eyes were filled with concern. “You could have called me if there’s anything. I would have gone to you.”

Aubree then led Sonya into her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed.

Upon seeing the unhappiness on Aubree’s face and hearing such thoughtful words, Sonya felt her heart wrench. “I’m sorry.”

Aubree felt smug when she heard that, but she wore an innocent and shocked expression as she asked, “Mrs. Farwell, why are you saying that?”

Sonya let out a sigh. “It must have been tough for you after all these years. But don’t worry. I will never let anyone marry into the Farwell family except for you!”

Aubree pretended to be touched. “Mrs. Farwell, you said that to me many times. I have always believed you and am very grateful to you. Did something happen?”

Sonya furrowed her brows and sighed again. “It’s about Roxanne. I thought she had only abandoned her husband and kids. I can’t believe she even…”

Remembering Roxanne’s disposition and Lucian’s unfaltering love for her, Sonya felt ashamed.

Her cheeks flushing, she suggested, “Let’s change the topic. In any case, if she marries into the Farwell family, we’ll be utterly humiliated!”

Aubree’s eyes glinted coldly and imperceptibly. She did not probe further and simply comforted Sonya.

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