Mission To Remarry Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Be For Nothing

Aubree had been staying in the Farwell residence for some time, but Lucian had hardly ever gone there. Sonya had tried to make her stay, but she eventually left.

She had chosen to stay in the Farwell residence, as she had thought Lucian would often visit because of Sonya and that she could spend more time with him.

However, after so long, she had only met him a handful of times.

Instead, the private detective had been sending her photos, and Roxanne had always appeared next to Lucian in those photos.

Rage burned in Aubree every time she looked at them.

Yet she had to keep her emotions in check, as she had to face Sonya and Elias every day.

Aubree finally had enough as time went on. She found an excuse to return to the Pearson residence by saying she had reconciled with her father.

After all, she had already achieved her goal with yesterday’s photos.

“Aubree? Why are you back? Where’s Lucian?”

Gina was relaxing at home when she suddenly saw Aubree coming in with her luggage.

As she had not been speaking much to Aubree during this period of time to prevent the Farwell family from finding out about their lies, she did not have the slightest clue about Aubree’s situation in the Farwell residence.

Aubree threw her luggage to the side and had a scowl on her face as she sat on the couch.

Gina could not stop glancing at the door.

They had staged this act in an effort to change Lucian’s mind.

Since Aubree had returned, Gina reckoned Lucian must have changed his mind and sent Aubree home.

Yet, she did not see his future son-in-law at all.

“Stop looking! I came back alone,” Aubree snapped, knowing what her mother was thinking.

Surprise flashed across Gina’s eyes when she heard that, and she rushed to sit on the couch. “What’s going on? Did you fight with Lucian again?”

Without waiting for Aubree to respond, Gina began, “It wasn’t easy for you to move into the Farwell residence. Didn’t I tell you to control your temper to appease Lucian?”

Aubree looked daggers at her mother. “Am I not humble enough in front of Lucian?”

In the past six years, she had been like an entirely different person compared to her normal self when she was in front of Lucian.

I’m not inferior to that b*tch in any way. I’m more obedient than that b*tch too! But Lucian is just so madly in love with that b*tch. There’s nothing I can do about that!

“I’m so sick of pretending in front of the Farwell’s every day!” Aubree slammed the couch angrily.

Despite feeling sorry for her daughter, Gina said, “Aubree, we’ve been waiting for so many years. Wouldn’t it all be for nothing if we gave up now?”

She sighed and continued, “How can I bear to let you suffer this grievance? Think about it, after a storm comes a calm. It will all be worth it after you get married to Lucian. We will have anything we want.”

Aubree furrowed her brows and clenched her fists.

It’s not like I want to give up; it’s just that Lucian is not giving me the chance.

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