Mission To Remarry Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Defeat

“Okay,” Lucian said, then took Estella back to the Farwell residence. Soon after, the black Bentley drove away. A camera flashed in the grass in front of Roxanne’s house, and a man appeared from the grass afterward.

While processing the photographs he had just taken, he hurriedly got into his car and tailed Jack’s, which was heading toward the research institute.

Roxanne tried to suppress her worries about Estella on the way to the research institute. She began asking about matters related to Herbscape Group.

“I was in a rush to leave just now. How are things with Herbscape Group going?”

Roxanne really wanted to know if Herbscape Group had actually done those things. Or if Lucian’s business strategies were so terrifying that they allowed him to pass off fake as genuine.

A hint of displeasure flashed across Jack’s eyes. However, his tone was warm when he spoke to Roxanne. “It’s probably not optimistic.”

Roxanne furrowed her brows. She had a theory in mind.

“Herbscape Group is involved in a plethora of matters. I’m afraid the ones that have been exposed online were just the tip of the iceberg. Now, the relevant departments are involved. I don’t know how much trouble it’s going to cause.”

Jack sighed as his head began to hurt.

Roxanne frowned. “But didn’t you guys look into it at that time?”

Given the Damaris family’s influence, it seemed unlikely that they did not know about the details of Herbscape Group.

Jack chuckled bitterly. “We have scoured the entire Herbscape Group, but we wouldn’t be able to find anything if someone purposely covered for them.”

After that, he added meaningfully, “In particular, that person must be as powerful as the Damaris family, not to mention better at business than the Damaris family. Speaking of which, the Damaris family is just prominent in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Jack was insinuating that someone had set up a trap for the Damaris family with Herbscape Group’s matter, and Lucian was the only person who could have set up the trap.

Naturally, Roxanne understood what Jack was saying, but she did not know how to respond.

After some time, Roxanne could not help but ask, “If that’s the case, why are they doing this? There’s no benefit to this.”

There was a glimmer in Jack’s eyes, and he said self-deprecatingly, “Perhaps I touched something I shouldn’t have.”

Roxanne’s eyelashes quivered. A peculiar sensation swelled within her, and she lowered her head silently.

Jack’s insinuation was so obvious that it was hard for her to disregard it.

Sensing her avoidance, Jack decided to stir the pot.

“I’ve learned from this experience that this so-called business genius lives up to his name. He has my sincere acceptance of my defeat, but the only thing I regret is that the price this time was higher than I had anticipated.”

He was basically implying that Lucian was the mastermind.

Roxanne was the only thing that associated him with Lucian other than Herbscape Group.

Roxanne’s hands on her knees stiffened as she suppressed the strange feeling in her heart. She changed the subject nonchalantly by saying, “I hope this matter won’t impact our project.”

“I hope so too. Hopefully, that person will be merciful.” Jack added fuel to the fire.

Roxanne’s heart pounded harder when she heard his words. However, she tried to convince herself that Lucian and Jack’s fight would not be beyond Herbscape Group.

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