Mission To Remarry Chapter 865

Chapter 865 Demanding To See You

James was the driver, while Lucian sat at the back of the car with Estella. Suddenly, Estella scrunched up her face and muttered something under her breath.

Lucian creased his brows and leaned closer to Estella to hear what she was saying. “Mommy…” Estella mumbled. As she spoke, she even grabbed onto Lucian’s clothes.

Although she was still sleeping, Lucian could see that she had grown attached to Roxanne.

His gaze darkened as he thought about the woman. James had also heard Estella, and he cast a complicated glance at the rearview mirror. Through the rearview mirror, he saw Lucian’s grim expression and sighed soundlessly.

“Essie needs a mother. Until you meet a woman you like, you shouldn’t prevent Essie from seeing Ms. Jarvis regardless of your opinion of her.”

After a long moment, Lucian replied in a deep voice, “I’ll take note of that.”

James stopped talking because he knew it would be pointless to continue since he did not know what Lucian was thinking.

Meanwhile, Roxanne had been waiting outside the Farwell residence for quite some time, as Lucian did not reply to her.

“You can head back first. I’ll contact you when Mr. Farwell returns,” Catalina advised her upon seeing Roxanne’s remorseful expression.

Roxanne’s eyes glimmered. “I…”

She wanted to wait a little longer. I was already late just now. This time, what if they come back right after I leave? Won’t I miss Estella again?

For some unknown reason, Estella had become as important as Archie and Benny to her even though she had only known Estella recently.

Perhaps it was because of how dependent Estella was on her that made her want to reciprocate the same feelings for Estella.

Catalina sighed. “When Ms. Estella left, she was sobbing and demanding to see you. Mr. Farwell might have brought her to see you. You can go home and take a look.”

Roxanne’s eyes lit up, and she nodded gratefully at Catalina. “Thank you. I’ll head home to have a look.”

With that, she quickly turned around and drove home.

Archie and Benny were on the couch with their laptops when she got home. Archie was researching the stock market, whereas Benny was typing furiously on the keyboard.

“Mommy!” They put down their laptops and ran to her when they saw that she was back.

As they walked up to her, they cautiously peered behind her.

Roxanne smiled at them absent-mindedly and scanned the living room. There was no sight of Estella and Lucian.

“Mommy, what are you looking for?” they asked in confusion.

Roxanne met their eyes and asked hopefully, “Did Essie and Mr. Farwell come by here?”

Archie and Benny exchanged glances and shook their heads.

“What happened?” They did not understand why Roxanne asked that question.

Roxanne’s heart sank when she heard their reply. However, she did not want them to worry, so she shook her head and tried her best to remain calm. “It’s nothing.”

Archie and Benny noticed the worry in Roxanne’s eyes, but they did not probe further since Roxanne did not wish to explain.

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