Mission To Remarry Chapter 864

Chapter 864 I Watched Essie Grow Up

Lucian felt slightly helpless when he heard James’ words. When did I try to oppose Essie? All this while, he had been trying to get Roxanne back.

However, Roxanne had not been moved by his actions. She even got close to another man. How could he stand that?

Did he not have the right to get angry? James stared at him with a grim expression. “Based on my observations, Ms. Jarvis is a good candidate to be Essie’s mother. She takes good care of Essie. The only shortcoming is that she has two other children.” He took a sip of his coffee. With a meaningful look, he probed, “You wouldn’t care about those two children’s existence given your personality, would you?”

Lucian pursed his lips. “You should know this is not something I can decide.”

In other words, he was telling James it was not him who could not accept the two children. It was Roxanne who wouldn’t accept him.

Surprise flashed across James’ eyes. He did not expect Lucian to encounter this kind of situation, given the latter’s qualifications.

James tried to hide his smile when he saw Lucian’s frustrated expression.

After a moment, he said seriously, “Even if that’s the case, I can see that Ms. Jarvis likes Essie a lot. No matter what happens between you two, I would advise you not to prevent Essie from meeting Ms. Jarvis. I’ve already told you that spending time with Ms. Jarvis is beneficial for her condition.”

Lucian thought of the many calls and messages he had ignored from Roxanne on the way here and frowned slightly. “I understand.”

James nodded. “In order to get Essie out of the car, I lied to her, saying that Ms. Jarvis would arrive soon. She’ll undoubtedly have another tantrum if she wakes up and doesn’t see Ms. Jarvis. Her trust in me will also deteriorate. If it’s possible, ask Ms. Jarvis to come over.”

Lucian’s expression gradually darkened.

He had just ignored Roxanne a while ago, but now he had to actively seek her out.

Roxanne would probably assume she was only a tool used to comfort Estella. When she was not needed, she could be carelessly discarded.

Lucian replied in a deep voice, “I’ll bring Essie to look for her.”

James frowned at that as he was confused.

Isn’t it more convenient for Ms. Jarvis to come here? Why does he have to make it so complicated?

However, James did not ask further, knowing Lucian did not want to explain. Instead, he said, “I’ll go with you, just in case.”

He had wanted Lucian to call Roxanne over because he could still comfort Estella if she woke up before that.

Now that Lucian was planning to bring Estella out, he could only follow them since Estella’s condition had not stabilized.

Lucian nodded. “Thank you.”

James smiled. “You don’t have to be so polite with me. I watched Essie grow up. Even if you aren’t worried about her, I am!”

Just like that, they walked into the room one after another.

Estella was still on the couch, fast asleep. She was no longer crying in her sleep.

Lucian looked at how peaceful Estella was when she was sleeping and contrasted it with how chaotic it had been a moment ago. His heart ached for her.

“Let’s go,” James said softly.

Lucian snapped out of it and carried Estella gently. They left the clinic and drove to Roxanne’s place.

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