Mission To Remarry Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Would She Feel Guilty

While Roxanne was in two minds over whether or not to hurry to the Farwell residence, Jack strode out with a document in his hand and called out, “Ms. Jarvis.”

She had no choice but to suppress the worry in her heart and quickly walked toward him. “What’s this?”

“You didn’t come in after some time, so I thought I’d bring out the document you needed to go through. You can take a look and sign it if there are no issues.”

Hearing that, she murmured her assent and checked the document carefully. A moment later, she looked up at Jack and nodded. “Everything looks fine.”

“Excellent,” he said with a smile. “You look a little upset. Did something happen?”

Recalling the sound of Estella’s cries, Roxanne fell into a slight daze.

Jack was puzzled when he saw that she did not respond after a long time. “Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne jolted to her senses and shot him an apologetic smile. “These are the medicinal herbs we need. Is there anything else you need my help with?”

Jack shook his head.

Seeing that, Roxanne took her leave immediately. “I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the rest, then. I have to attend to some urgent business, so I’ll head off now.”

Observing the expression on her face, Jack agreed in a non-committal way, “Since it’s something urgent, you should get going.”

Roxanne nodded at him gratefully before turning and hurrying away.

Jack watched her leave with a deeply perplexed look in his eyes.

I wonder what happened to make her so worried. Archie and Benny didn’t look so well when we left her house this morning. However, based on my experience after practicing medicine for years, they’re most likely faking it. I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the reason for it, but from the looks of it now, it appears as though I made an error in judgment. What else could get her that worked up apart from her children and work?

As that thought crossed his mind, he laughed at himself.

I can’t believe there’d come a time when I’d make an error in judgment…

“Mr. Damaris, do you have any other instructions for us?” Dean asked as he walked out of the building a moment later. Puzzled to see Jack all alone, he inquired, “Where’s Ms. Jarvis?”

Jack snapped out of his thoughts and glanced at Dean expressionlessly. He handed the list he was holding to the latter and said, “Prepare the medicinal herbs listed here.”

Not daring to probe further, Dean immediately acceded. Then, he went back into the building with the list to instruct the staff to complete the task as soon as possible.

Over at the Farwell residence, Estella watched her father hang up the phone, her eyes wet with tears.

When Lucian met her gaze, a pang shot through his heart, and he felt annoyed at Roxanne.

Essie has been crying her heart out and even heard Roxanne say she couldn’t come over immediately. Even so, there’s still a glimmer of hope in her eyes. If Roxanne saw the expression on Essie’s face now, I wonder what she’d think. Would she feel guilty?

“W-When is Ms. Jarvis coming over?”

Estella stretched her arms toward Lucian pitifully, sobbing so bitterly that she could hardly breathe.

Lucian’s heart ached as he drew the girl into his embrace. He was unsure of what to say.

Even if Roxanne does come, she’ll only get here an hour later. She may be fine with letting Essie cry for one hour, but I don’t have the heart to do so.

“Daddy…” Estella urged while shedding tears.

Lucian stroked her head comfortingly and sidestepped the question. “There, there. I’ll take you to go look for Mr. Lann.”

At this point, the only other person apart from Roxanne who can stop her from crying is probably James.

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