Mission To Remarry Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Give Her A Call

Lucian felt helpless upon seeing how unperturbed Estella was by what he said. Ever since the little girl got close to Roxanne, she had been practicing double standards and treating her better than him.

What Roxanne did last night was too much, but Essie still decided to forgive her. Yet, Essie is mad at me for not paying attention to all the good things she said about that woman. She isn’t even listening to me anymore.

Had Lucian not learned that Roxanne was Estella’s biological mother, he might have had difficulty accepting the double standards.

After a short while, Lucian suppressed his grievance and comforted the little girl, “Didn’t you say you have something to tell me? I’m all ears now.”

Estella lifted her head and glanced at him. Lucian’s eyes darkened, and his heart sank when he saw the expression on her face. He thought she did not give him any response because she was upset.

However, when she lifted her head, he realized her cheeks were stained with tears. “Bad Daddy…” Estella said in between sobs, feeling utterly aggrieved.

Lucian was stunned by her reaction. Instead of upsetting the little girl further, he nodded and tried pacifying her. “Yes, it’s all my fault.”

He wanted to go near Estella to wipe off her tears, but she took a few steps back as if she was avoiding a monster.

The man’s hand was left hanging mid-air. Her reaction now instantly reminded him again of the time when she was autistic.

Estella might have started conversing with people, but at that moment, she was acting like how she did in the past.

“I don’t want Daddy!” The little girl burst into tears. “I want Ms. Jarvis…”

Lucian’s eyes darkened.

Seeing Estella crying nonstop, Catalina immediately looked at Lucian and suggested, “Mr. Farwell, why don’t you give Mrs. Farwell a call?”

She thought it might be helpful for Estella to listen to Roxanne’s voice.

Lucian’s gaze turned even darker when he heard how Catalina addressed Roxanne, but he knew he had to do something to calm Estella down.

After remaining silent for a few seconds, Lucian took out his phone and dialed Roxanne’s number.

Meanwhile, Roxanne had arrived at the entrance of Herbscape Group.

Before this, Jack had informed Dean they were coming. By the time they arrived, Dean was already waiting for them in the lobby.

“Hello, Mr. Damaris. Nice to see you, Dr. Jarvis,” Dean greeted them respectfully.

Roxanne could not help but feel ironic when she noticed the change in his attitude.

The last time when they met at the agreement signing ceremony between Herbscape Group and Damaris Group, Roxanne remembered Dean was still all high and mighty.

At that time, Dean viewed himself as the equal partner of Damaris Group.

Yet, everything seemed to have changed in the blink of an eye after yesterday’s incident.

Jack responded to his greeting with a gentle nod. Then, in an icy voice, he asked, “Are we ready?”

Their interaction at the entrance could have easily misled people into believing Jack was Dean’s superior.

Dean, who did not seem to be bothered by Jack’s attitude, played along. “Yes, everything’s ready. You can collect the items after signing the document.” With a grateful look, he added, “Mr. Damaris, I want to thank you for what you did last night. And don’t worry. As long as Herbscape Group can overcome this crisis, we’ll follow your commands and do everything as you say!”

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