Mission To Remarry Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Can You Forgive Me

When Lucian returned to the Farwell residence, Estella was no longer in the living room, and Catalina was nowhere to be found.

“Mr. Farwell.” He reached for his phone, about to call Catalina when she came down the stairs with a grim expression. His eyebrows drew together as he asked, “Where’s Essie?”

Catalina pointed at Estella’s room on the second floor and said, “Ms. Estella has locked herself in her room again. I don’t know how to get her out.”

Estella had been crying non-stop since the call ended. No matter how much Catalina consoled her, she refused to calm down. After bawling for a while, Estella abruptly picked herself up and dashed to her room upstairs.

Catalina’s reaction was merely slower by a split second. By the time she reached the second floor, Estella had already locked herself in her room. No matter what Catalina said, Estella would not open her door.

At first, Cataline could still hear Estella’s muffled sobs. But the muffled crying died down after a while, leaving only silence.

Catalina panicked and called Lucian, but Lucian didn’t pick up any of her calls. She wanted to get the keys to Estella’s room but had no idea where Lucian kept them.

Just as she was losing hope, she heard movement at the front door. Catalina rushed down the stairs, hoping it was Lucian at the front door, and relief flooded her at the sight of him.

Lucian frowned after hearing about Estella’s behavior. He marched up the stairs without changing into indoor slippers.

Catalina hurriedly trailed after him, and they stood at the door to Estella’s room.

Lucian suppressed the unease pricking his chest and knocked on the door. “Open up, Essie. I’m home.”

There was no movement inside.

Lucian glanced at Catalina with a furrow between his eyebrows.

Anxiety crossed Catalina’s face. “It’s been like this for a while now. I think you should get the key for the door, Mr. Farwell.”

Perhaps Estella heard Catalina’s suggestion as something hit the door hard right after.

Obviously, Estella didn’t want them entering her room.

Catalina was worried and felt sorry for Estella. “Ms. Estella, please calm down and talk it out with Mr. Farwell. He has always loved you very much.”

Another thud sounded at the door.

Lucian frowned at her tantrum and silently left to grab the keys in his study.

The second he cracked the door open, a doll flew toward him.

Lucian moved to the side, letting the doll fly over his shoulder and out the door, finally landing by Catalina’s feet.

Catalina looked down at the doll on the floor, and distress filled her eyes.

It was Estella’s favorite doll when she was younger. She had never thrown it before when she was ill, even during her worst fits of anger.

Comprehension dawned on Catalina that Estella was beyond furious.

Lucian walked into the room and saw that Estella had curled herself up in the corner of her bed.

Seeing that Lucian had entered, Estella buried her head between her knees in anger. She didn’t want Lucian to see her expression.

At a glance, Lucian felt as if time had turned back to Estella’s autistic days.

His heart sank, but it didn’t stop him from approaching her. He crossed the room slowly to sit down beside her.

“I know you’re mad at me for not listening to you, but I’m indeed busy these days. Can you forgive me?”

Estella shook her head silently.

Not only did Daddy not listen to me, he even went back on his word during the call earlier! He promised me he would make Ms. Jarvis my mommy, but now he’s saying my mommy won’t necessarily be Ms. Jarvis! Bad Daddy!

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