Mission To Remarry Chapter 855

Chapter 855 He Did Not Want To Lie

Estella’s mood turned sullen when Catalina didn’t respond. A few minutes later, Catalina gave in and explained, “Mr. Farewell is very busy these days. He ordered me to make sure that you stay at home obediently. If you want to go anywhere, you’ll have to ask him when he’s back.”

The thought of her father had Estella turn her head to the side in frustration. Catalina let out a sigh and called Lucian.

Lucian was having a meeting at the office when his phone vibrated. Seeing Catalina’s name flashing across the screen, he hesitated briefly before leaving the room to take the call. “What is it?”

Catalina shot a glance at the still-upset Estella before speaking into the phone. “Ms. Estella has been sulking since morning, Mr. Farwell, and she didn’t even touch her breakfast.”

When Estella heard Catalina talking to her father on the phone, she slowly turned around and stared at the phone.

She wanted to talk to her father too.

Noticing Estella’s intention, Catalina passed her the phone.

Lucian was about to ask for the reason when he heard his daughter’s voice.

“Daddy, I want to play with Archie and Benny.”

Estella’s voice reflected her surly mood.

When Lucian recalled Estella’s anxious and sad expression before he left for work that morning, his heart softened.

Yet remembering Roxanne’s ruthlessness had him frowning with displeasure. “Ms. Jarvis is very busy lately, so be a good girl and stay at home, okay? Don’t create trouble for Ms. Jarvis.”

Estella harrumphed.

Lucian rubbed his temples, feeling the throbbing in his head. “Be good. I’ll bring you to the amusement park after work.”

“No!” Estella pouted. “I want to play with Archie and Benny.”

Lucian looked toward the conference room and coaxed, “I still have some work to do. We’ll talk about this tonight.”

Naturally, Estella wouldn’t take his words seriously after last night’s incident. Not only did she defy him, she even moved the topic to something that worsened Lucian’s headache.

“You said you were going to make Ms. Jarvis my mommy. Why are you not letting me go and play at her house? You’re just angry at her!”

Estella brought up the issue she had raised that morning. Lucian didn’t reply to her and merely scrunched up his brows.

He was unsatisfied with Roxanne, but if Estella found out about it, surely she would blame him.

Yet he didn’t want to lie to her.

Estella knew her father’s character. She sniffled, and her eyes turned red.

Hearing her sniffle, Lucian said resignedly, “I’ll help you find a mommy. It won’t necessarily be Ms. Jarvis, but I’m sure you’ll like her.”


Tears started streaming down Estella’s cheeks as she sobbed, “I want Ms. Jarvis! I only want her! Bad Daddy!”

Catalina didn’t expect that a phone call would send the child into a crying fit. She hurried over to Estella’s side to comfort her. “What’s wrong, Ms. Estella?”

Alas, Cataline’s soothing words fell on deaf ears as Estella began bawling harder.

Lucian’s brows creased when he heard the chaos on the other side. “Catalina, please look after Estella. I’ll be right back.”


After hanging up the call, Lucian strode back into the conference room, handed over his position as the chairperson of the meeting to his vice president, and raced back to the Farwell residence.

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