Mission To Remarry Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Feign Ignorance

Roxanne caressed Benny’s and Archie’s heads. “I’m sorry, but I have important work that requires immediate attention. Both of you have heard that the company is going to be seized shortly. I have to take a trip there no matter what.”

The two children stared at the ground in sullen silence. They knew how important work meant to her. However, they still detested the fact that she would be spending time with Jack in the process.

Roxanne felt apologetic yet confused as she took in the children’s reluctant looks. The children didn’t mind when she was up to her neck with work overseas.

They didn’t even utter a word of complaint when she was occupied with finding a medicinal herbs company for the research institute when she was back in the country.

What is it this time?

“Mommy, are you going to let Mr. Damaris become our daddy?” Benny blurted out.

Roxanne paused for several seconds and finally understood the children’s concerns. She did not know whether to be amused or upset as she assured them, “Mr. Damaris and I are work partners, nothing more. He’s like the others you’ve met when we were overseas.” She locked her eyes on both Benny and Archie intensely. “Both of you need not worry. I’ll ask for your opinions first if I ever have any plans to do so. I won’t let someone you dislike become your daddy.”

The weight on the children’s hearts had finally been lifted as they inclined their heads compliantly.

Roxanne let out a sigh of relief now that Benny and Archie understood her.

Checking the time and seeing that it was getting late, Roxanne got to her feet and patted Benny’s and Archie’s heads affectionately. “I’d better get going, or it’d affect my work. Both of you, wait for me at home. I’ll be back soon. We’ll go out together and have fun later.”

They promised to be obedient and apologized to Roxanne once more. “We’re sorry for scaring you just now, Mommy.”

Roxanne smiled. “It’s all right as long as you’re aware of your mistakes. Don’t hesitate to tell me anything next time and don’t pretend to be sick again. I’ll be worried.”

The children agreed to that. Then Roxanne turned to make her way downstairs.

Jack was sitting on the couch downstairs. He got to his feet at the sight of her and asked, “How are the children?”

Roxanne gave a sheepish grin as she recalled the children’s words. “They might have gotten a cold last night. I gave them some medicine and told them to get some rest.”

Jack inclined his head slightly. “If that’s the case, you need not trouble yourself. I can head to Herbscape Group myself.”

“It’s all right. We’ll just come back sooner.”

Jack did not bother convincing her any further and assented at once.

Meanwhile, Lucian left the Farwell residence in a hurry without eating breakfast.

Estella lost her appetite and was fuming, as she didn’t get to finish saying what she wanted to say.

Catalina tried coaxing her for some time, but she shook her head stubbornly and refused to open her mouth.

“Ms. Estella…” Catalina glanced at Estella helplessly.

Estella raised her head and looked at Catalina pitifully. “Ms. Catalina, I want to go and play with Archie and Benny.”

She had no idea how to tell her father that she needed help from the brothers.

Catalina’s heart went out to Estella. However, she had no choice but to feign ignorance as she recalled Lucian’s orders before he left the premises.

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