Mission To Remarry Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Exposed

Roxanne knitted her brows and stared at Benny confusedly for some time. He was fine just now. Why is his stomach hurting all of a sudden? He seems to be in a lot of pain.

Archie, standing aside, sensed his mother’s doubt. His eyes gleamed, and he hurriedly frowned as well. “Perhaps we caught a cold when sleeping last night. My stomach is a little upset too.”

Roxanne was finally convinced after hearing that. She turned to look at Jack apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Damaris. The kids are not feeling well. I need to check on them.”

Jack sized up Archie and Benny before grinning considerately. “Their health is important. I don’t mind waiting a little longer. You can summon me any time if you need assistance.”

Jack was almost as skilled as Roxanne in medical practice. Not only that, but he also had a few years of experience in providing medical consultations to children. He was very knowledgeable in diagnosing children’s conditions.

Archie and Benny exchanged a panicky look when they heard Jack’s offer to help.

They nearly forgot that he was also an incredible physician.

Their pretense of being sick would be exposed if Jack was the one to examine them, and they reckoned Roxanne wouldn’t be pleased to find out about their deceit.

While the boys contemplated on the way to reject Jack’s kind gesture, Roxanne said, “It’s fine. I’m more familiar with the condition of their bodies anyway. Please sit in the living room for a while, Mr. Damaris. I’ll come downstairs right after I’m done treating them.”

Jack nodded indifferently and reoccupied the seat on the couch.

The boys let out an inward sigh of relief after Roxanne turned down the offer in their stead. Then, they compliantly followed her upstairs.

A helpless look spread across Roxanne’s face as she led her sons into the bedroom.

She had noticed the changes in their facial expressions when Jack had volunteered to help. Naturally, she could guess that Archie and Benny were probably lying.

Nevertheless, Roxanne was still a little worried, so she told the kids to lie on the bed and began to examine their bodies.

“Can you point out which part of your stomach is hurting?” She stood beside Benny and gazed at him concernedly.

Of course, Benny wasn’t feeling any pain. However, since there was no turning back, he could only brace himself and gesture randomly. “All these places are hurting.”

After saying that, he questioned his mother piteously, “Mommy, am I very sick?”

Looking at the places pointed out by Benny, Roxanne felt utterly helpless. If these places were really hurting, he would’ve been beyond treatment a long time ago. Still, if I expose him now, he probably won’t learn the lesson and will resort to tricking me with this method again in the future.

With that thought in her mind, she feigned seriousness and grasped Benny’s wrist. She checked his pulse and pressed various spots on his stomach while asking him about his signs and symptoms.

Benny felt ticklish because of the way his mother was applying pressure on his abdomen. Still, he contained the urge to laugh and complained that all the spots she touched were painful.

Roxanne thought Benny was quite pitiable for having to suppress his laughter. Ultimately, she stopped tormenting him and loosened her grip while wearing a solemn facial expression.

“Mommy…” Archie called out warily to his mother when he noticed her unusual countenance, thinking that she had seen through their falsehood.

Roxanne furrowed her brows and looked at Benny worriedly. “There’s a chance you’re suffering from acute appendicitis. You’ll need to undergo surgery as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid. I’ll send you to the hospital right away.”

With that, she pretended as if she was going to lift Benny in her arms.

The colors drained from Benny’s face after he heard his mother say he needed surgery.

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