Mission To Remarry Chapter 851

Chapter 851 My Stomach Is Hurting

Jack didn’t mind. Instead, he flashed a meaningful grin. “Don’t thank me first. I’m giving you these presents because I have a favor to ask.”

Hearing that, the kids immediately put up their guard. Roxanne was similarly baffled. This is only his second time meeting the children. What favor does he have to ask from them?

Just as she was wondering, she noticed Jack looking at her, causing her to be startled. The next second, he looked at the kids again and said, “I need to borrow your mommy for a while. Is that all right?”

The kids exchanged glances, having already expected that to happen. We knew it. He’s here to take Mommy away again. If Daddy knows about this, I wonder how long Mommy and Daddy’s next fight will last before they reconcile.

At that thought, the kids shook their heads without hesitation and uttered matter-of-factly, “Mommy promised to bring us out to have fun today. Adults shouldn’t lie to children!”

Hearing that, Jack shot Roxanne a surprised look.

Roxanne was instantly caught in a tight spot.

She fathomed Jack must be there to take her away because of work-related matters. The only thing she didn’t know was the severity of the issue.

Jack explained solemnly, “I’ve tried my best to acquire more time from Mr. Lacroix. Herbscape Group will be sealed for investigation at ten o’clock in the morning. Before that happens, we can still enter the premises to bring out whatever material we need to facilitate and ease our subsequent research. This is also why I came here so early this morning.”

Roxanne tensed up after listening to his elaboration. I didn’t notice anything unusual about his behavior or ask him any questions about his arrival. Since we’re so short on time, why did he waste so much time telling me all those things earlier?

Sensing the urgency of the circumstances, Roxanne immediately persuaded her children, “Darlings, I must leave now. You two stay at home obediently and wait for me to come home. I’ll definitely bring you out to play, okay?”

Archie and Benny were reluctant to let Roxanne leave. Still, because it was a work-related problem, they couldn’t come up with an excuse to refuse her.

After saying that to her kids, Roxanne got up to leave.

The boys grew more anxious as they could tell Roxanne was about to leave the house.

Benny hastily tugged at Archie’s sleeves, hinting at the latter to think of a solution.

Although they were equally smart, Archie was better at keeping his composure most of the time.

Archie frowned and cautiously stole a glance at Jack and Roxanne after receiving Benny’s signal. When he saw that the adults weren’t paying attention to them, he swiftly gestured at Benny with a significant look and mouthed at his brother to pretend to be sick.

Archie was confident that Roxanne would prioritize their health over her work.

The boys shared a tacit understanding. Benny swiftly grasped his brother’s intention and crouched on the floor, grimacing and clutching his stomach.

Archie glanced at Roxanne, who had reached the door, before turning to look at Benny and exclaiming, “What’s wrong with you, Benny?”

Hearing his voice, Roxanne stopped in her tracks and turned around.

Her heart lurched when she saw Benny crouching on the floor and hugging his stomach. She strode up to him at once. “What’s the matter? Are you feeling unwell?”

Benny sniffled and gazed at her pitifully. “Mommy, my stomach is hurting so badly.”

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